Science Rules

Science Rules

Science Says Your Disgusting Toe Shoes Aren’t Doing Anything But Grossing People Out


You can spot a proponent of barefoot-style running a mile away, thanks to their hideous neoprene “shoes” with a separate space for each toe. Sometimes you can hear them from a mile away, too, ranting and raving about how the foul footwear has changed their lives.

But we’ve always been a little dubious. Something that looks so bad can’t be that good. Most people’s down-there digits just aren’t fun to look at. Attractive, traditional footwear not only covers those puppies up, but also can protect your toesies from disease and maiming. Read More

Science Rules

7th Graders Send Hello Kitty Into Space in Cutest Science Project Ever

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Gone are the days when science projects consisted of paper mache volcanoes, baking soda and vinegar. Now, budding young scientists are putting your space diorama to shame by actually launching things into space. Kids these days, smh.

CBS News reports that a trio of young ladies at Cornerstone Christian School decided to marry their love of science with their Hello Kitty obsession. So, for their 7th grade science project, they created a homemade rocket, placed a Hello Kitty doll inside, and launched it into space using a home weather balloon kit. Read More

Science Rules

Here’s Why Salt Water Is Delaying Your Subway Commute


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it became clear that the MTA’s worst fears were realized: not only were many of the subway tunnels flooded, but they’d become inundated with salt and brackish water scooped up in the storm surge and funneled into the subway system.

The MTA has gotten parts of the system in Manhattan and Queens up and running, but pumping water out of stations dotted around Brooklyn along the East River will take some time. Seven subway tunnels beneath the East River have flooded, leaving switches and signals “likely damaged.” MTA chairman Joseph J. Lhota said in an earlier press conference that the subway system “has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night.” Read More

Science Rules

Bill Nye the Science Guy Does Reddit Q&A, Answers Burning Question About Bowties

SXSWhat? (Photo: Getting Smart)

Betabeat had just settled in for a hot Friday night date with the Internet when a friend sent us an email with the subject line, “!!!”. Enclosed in the body was a link to a Reddit Ask me Anything featuring none other than our childhood idol Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Mr. Nye is somewhat of a Reddit folk hero, a noted target of nostalgic awe whose esteem on Reddit may be eclipsed only by the swag-as-hell physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. An AMA from Bill Nye has been a long awaited Reddit event. The fact that it’s happening on a Friday night is also probably of no consequence to the majority of Redditors (this reporter included). Read More