International Relations

The French President Hates Social Media Because People Are Mean

J'ai mal Internet! (Photo: French website)

The next time you’re refreshing Twitter, remember that somewhere French President François Hollande is floating on his magic croissant carpet and judging you.

A French newspaper asked him yesterday about his social media habits and after presumably giving the reporter a stink eye he pooh-poohed the notion that he would waste anytime on those things

“I look when they show me,” Mr. Hollande said to Le Parisien about the idea of even glancing over at an app. “There’s an addictive side to all that stuff that you need to defend against.” Read More

App for That

New App ‘Dumbstruck’ Captures Reactions To Your Texts

Dumbstrucks' interface (Facebook)

This week we came across Dumbstruck, a new app that lets you send photo messages to your friends—and then watch videos of their actual reactions. Suddenly there’s a lot more pressure riding on that bikini mirror shot, huh?

Dumbstruck was founded by Michael Tanski and Peter Allegretti at their Albany-based mobile app idea lab, Doctored Apps. It launched at the end of December 2013, and has since attracted tens of thousands of users, according to Joe Masciocco, who heads up strategy for the app. Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadians Are Locating Lost Pets Using a Facial Recognition App

You wouldn't want to lose this guy, now would you? (Wikimedia Commons)

Americans may be gearing up to use facial recognition software to find out if their friends are serial killers, but meanwhile it Canada, they’re using it to track down their lost puppies.

According to the Globe and Mail, Vancouver dog shop cofounder Philip Rooyakkers has developed an app called Positive Identification of Pets—or PiP, for short—that helps tech-savvy Canadians find their lost cats and dogs. Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: You Can Now Make Your Own Website Via Facebook and Someone Created a Fantasy Movie League


Go PageYourself Working on your website will now take you even fewer clicks away from Facebook stalking your high school acquaintances: PageYourself announced recently that they’ve introduced the concept of a Facebook-based individual website. They call it the “f-Site” and they’re already up and running. Using the app on Facebook, the f-Site essentially Read More

Quantified Self

Can an iPhone App Relieve Depression? The Developers of ‘HappyPlace’ Think So

Bummer. (Photo: Zazzle)

Just in time for your annual winter doldrums, a new app called HappyPlace purports to manage your moods and even combat bummed out feelings, the Guardian reports.

The app’s functions are based on research suggesting that depression could be caused or maintained by biased ways of thinking, “particularly around the processing of ambiguous faces,” the Guardian says. In other words, you should probably move out of New York City because other people’s resting bitchfaces could be making you depressed. Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: Apply For An Apartment With Lovely And Toms Launches Feel-Good Store

lovely map of nyc

Find your apartment finder Scrolling through disgusting and/or terrifying Craigslist apartment ads has become an unfortunate initiation ritual for NYC newcomers. But just in case you’re maybe, sort of, kinda getting tired of completely re-imagined neighborhood lines and surprise walkups, real estate site Lovely just added a direct-to-landlord application feature this week. Like job application Read More


De Blasio Camp Embraces Uber App–Even as Candidate Voices Concerns

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 01: A gas-electric hybrid taxi cab drives on a street March 1, 2011 in New York City. The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear an appeal in a case that ends New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's four-year fight to force the yellow-taxi industry in New York to fully replace its 13,000 vehicles with gas-electric hybrids. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Bill de Blasio isn’t sold on the benefits of hailing cabs via e-hail phone apps like Uber–but that hasn’t stopped his campaign from spending more than $1,000 dollars ferrying staffers using the service.

According to city campaign finance records, the Democratic mayoral front-runner and his Republican rival, Joe Lhota, have embraced the new technology, using it frequently for transportation on the campaign trail. Read More