Your Tax Dollars

Your Tax Dollars

The Government Is 3D-Printing Bomb-Sniffing Dog Noses

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When the Singularity occurs, it’s not just humans that will be replaced by robot overlords. No, dogs now are at risk as well, all thanks to taxpayer dollars.

The U.S. federal government has been 3D-printing mechanically engineered dog noses that replicate the sniffing patterns of bomb-sniffing dogs, Nextgov reports. The noses are modeled off of female labrador retrievers, a historically favored breed of police dog. Read More

Your Tax Dollars

Rachel Sterne Lists New York City’s Top 10 Digital Accomplishments in 2011


Civic tech blog GovFresh recently named New York Employee of the MonthCity of the Year.”¬†Rachel Sterne, the city’s Chief Digital Officer, reciprocated with an interview. We pulled out tangible accomplishments and listed them here in the order they were mentioned.

The city’s biggest accomplishment by far, in our view, is the plan for an applied sciences campus on Roosevelt Island built by Cornell and Technion. The city has also been tweeting, Tumblring and Facebooking more, which may seem frivolous but in reality probably makes government more accountable, transparent and responsive than many of its other initiatives. The Hackathon stands out as the greatest example of wasted potential: an almost-great idea, city bureaucracy kept the event closed, low-impact and kinda corporate (hackers had to submit portfolios in advance and it helped if they had designed a website with over 1 million visitors a month). Also,, the city’s retro website which has ballooned to more than a million pages, still hasn’t relaunched. Read More