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Man Who’s Never Heard of Ladyblogs Has Amazing Idea Called Starting a Ladyblog

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Bleacher Report founder Bryan Goldberg has just raised $6.5 million for a site that will cover a topic he knows a ton about: being a woman.

In a post for PandoDaily, Mr. Goldberg expounds upon why he’s becoming the CEO of a publishing company named after a Victorian fashion contraption devised to make women’s butts look shapelier. For one, the current offerings for women online are just hollow replicas of the glossies of yore. Read More

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Almost Half of All Gamers Are Women So Stop Calling Us Bitches on Xbox Live


The next time someone calls you the c-word on XBox Live, politely remind them of this neat little factoid: nearly half of all gamers are actually women, according to a new report published by CNN.

The report, crafted by the Entertainment Software association and titled “2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry”, states that “45% of all game players, and 46% of the most frequent purchasers of games, are female. Adult women make up 31% of the game-playing population.” Read More

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Barbie’s Going to Mars But Don’t Worry, Her Helmet Is Still Pink

More like the PINK PLANET, amirite? (Photo: Mattel)

In honor of the one-year anniversary of the Mars Curiosity mission, Mattel is introducing a special-edition “Mars Explorer” Barbie, designed in cooperation with NASA and part of the company’s “I Can Be” line.

Don’t fret, though, traditionalists–her hair’s still flawless and her outfit’s still covered in pink flourishes. Wouldn’t want little girls getting too crazy, now would we?  Read More

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Too Hot for LinkedIn? A Startup’s Blocked Ads Spur Controversy


Does LinkedIn have trouble believing that pretty ladies can be engineers? A tiff with Toptal, a networking site for developers, has folks wondering.

According to the Daily Dot, Toptal recently received a notice from LinkedIn saying that, “we had to reject the ads on the Toptal business ads account as many LinkedIn members complained about the women images you were using.” The vague, weird email added that if they edited the ads “using different images, related to the product advertised” and resubmitted, they’d be quickly approved. Read More

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After Jane Austen Inspired a Bunch of Rape Threats, Twitter Is Making it Easier to Report Abuse


For months, activist Caroline Criado-Perez has been campaigning to get more women on the United Kingdom’s money, and on Wednesday, the Bank of England announced that Jane Austen, author of lots of books that have been unfairly mischaracterized as chick lit, would replace Charles Darwin on the 10-pound note.

Now, one would think the only offensive thing about this development is that, as author Lev Grossman points out, the detestable Miss Bingley from Pride and Prejudice is quoted on the bill. But apparently not, because since the announcement Ms. Criado-Perez has been dealing with a slew of abuse and rape threats on Twitter.

To repeat, a woman has been bombarded with rape threats because Jane Austen is going to be on the United Kingdom’s money. Jane. Austen. Read More

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Twice as Many Boys as Girls in New York City Took AP Tests in Comp Sci This Year

The 20 Girls Who Code participants working out of AppNexus's Flatiron office (Photo:

In all the hubbub over expanding opportunities for young New Yorkers to get into the tech world, are the girls missing out?

The Daily News ran the numbers, and they are not encouraging: “Only about one in four students in many of the public schools’ top tech programs is a girl.” The methodology used to reach this conclusion is a little, well, mysterious, but the News also noted that, according to officials, twice as many boys as girls took AP tests in comp sci this year. Read More

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To Hug or Not to Hug? Hacker News Commenters Unsure of How to Interact With Real Live Human Ladies

(Photo: Heated Forest)

It’s simply a part of life: sometimes, when you emerge from the depths of the Internet to refill your Star Trek mug with Stumptown coffee, you accidentally encounter a real live girl. You know, that genre of human being that has boobs and always keeps a copy of Lean In on her desk. Your heart might skip a few beats as you’re forced to pass by her, dreading having to interact with someone outside of your favorite IRC channel. A wave of relief hits you as she keeps her eyes glued to the floor and doesn’t acknowledge you: you’re safe. For now. Read More

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New Allegations Emerge Against Michael Arrington, Including a Reported Outside Investigation for Physical Assault [UPDATED]

Arrington. (Photo via Flickr.)

Update, 4/8/13: Michael Arrington has responded with a denial of all allegations, and his ex, Meghan Asha, has issued her own denial of the allegations  “made on [her] behalf.” More here

Even as most of Silicon Valley stays silent, allegations are still emerging against TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Now Gawker says they’ve uncovered two additional stories of Mr. Arrington behaving abusively toward women.

The first incident occurred way back in 1999, when Mr. Arrington was working at a startup called RealNames. Cecile Sharp, who was the company’s HR rep at the time, says that Mr. Arrington was investigated for an alleged assault on a woman who worked as a sales rep for the company.

Gawker reports: Read More