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Slumber Party at Google: Mindy Kaling, Chelsea Clinton and Icona Pop Coax Girls Into Coding

Teens, celebs, coders and pop singers onstage at Made w/ Code. (Photo by Getty)

Yesterday, Google packed 150 girls, their chaperones and a slew of celebrities into the Skylight Modern for their inaugural Made w/ Code event. The young ladies enjoyed a light-up dance show, a make-your-own bracelet station, free candy and popcorn, a three-song Icona Pop performance, and talks from three badass female coders.

The vibe vacillated from slumber party to coding camp to TED talk to pop concert. It was awesome. Read More

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Hack Your Rack: We Tested the Top Bra Startups So You Don’t Have To

(Christie Wright, Observer Art Department)

Bra shopping is rife with first world-problems like shoddy sizing and pushy salesladies. And where there’s a first-world problem, you can bet there’s a tech startup trying to disrupt things.

After hearing about three bra startups in a row, I set out to see if a tech company could actually get a handle on my band width. It may seem strange to leave such an intimate issue in the hands of the tech industry. But keep in mind that tech types are already poking their noses into matters of defecation, baby-making and sexual prowess.

Nothing is too intimate when you’ve got the right algorithm. Read More

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Although Full of Other Rich People Things, Most Ladymags Lack Tech Coverage

We'd honestly love to hear Miley's thoughts on Tinder. (Photo:

On the heels of some promising ladies in tech news, today we learn that most women’s interest magazines are pretty much ignoring that technology even exists.

A campaigning agency in the UK called Lady Geek recently found that fewer than 2 percent of pages in top British and American mags refer to anything tech related, Business Insider reports. And in November’s editions, there were zero articles primarily about technology. Read More

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Women Outnumber Men in New Tech Hires This Year

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

You don’t need a Hackers and Hookers party flier to understand that things are a little off balance for women in the tech industry. But here is some good news for aspiring techies who lack a Y chromosome: 60 percent of new tech jobs this year went to women.

The data come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, InfoWorld reports, and the numbers come from the first nine months of 2013. In 2012, half as many tech jobs–just 34 percent–went to women. Read More

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Ban Halloween: There’s a ‘Hackers and Hookers’ Party Planned in San Francisco

Oh, okay! (Screencap)

Serious question: How stupid, sexist and unprofessional can people actually get?

We ask because Twitter just stumbled upon this Eventbrite listing for a Halloween costume party called, not joking here, “Hackers and Hookers.” Hackers and Hookers! The description promises, “Beer. Dance Floor. Shot Bar. Food Truck. Girls.” Because that’s what women are–just another perk to be proffered to developers, the equivalent of a food truck. Read More

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Whip Your Dongle Out for ‘cumOmatic,’ a New Way to Experience Dirty Movies

SeXXXy. (screencap)

Presumably, at some point in high school you were forced to read Brave New World and, because you were an oversexed teenager, you mostly remember the part about the “feelies,” the sexy movies complete with erotic sensations.

Well, call up your sophomore English lit teacher and let him know that dystopia is nigh, because a Dutch company has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for something called the cumOmatic. It’s billed as the “first wireless ‘Feel Real Erotic Movie’ system in the world.” Read More

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Man Who Invented Ladyblogs Spends $50/Day on Woman to Rest His Laptop On

(Screencap: THe New Yorker)

Guess who’s back (back again)? It’s Bryan Goldberg, the rather clueless Bleacher Report founder who’s decided his next big moneymaking venture is to spend small amounts of capital on large amounts of work produced in a kitschy Williamsburg apartment by young women writers. The New Yorker has a long feature on Mr. Goldberg and Bustle, the much-maligned women’s site he announced last month in a press release column posted on PandoDaily. Read More