Working for the Weekend

Working for the Weekend

Happy 11.11.11! What Should You Do to Celebrate The Last Binary Day THIS CENTURY!


You felt it this morning, did you? An extra skip in your skip. A singular sense of specialness. A crisp chill in the air last felt in November 11, 1911.

This is a day that needs to celebrated. And no ordinary Friday stockpile of Four Loko and Adderrall could suffice. Not that we need to tell you, esteemed readers, but today is the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2011, which means not only is a binary day (a date that consists of 1’s and 0’s when written out numerically). But it’s also a rare ‘un.

According to the ROI Factor, there are only 36 binary days in a century and we’re experiencing this century’s last. So unless some of us are Super Agers or three-month olds, chances are this is your last excuse for a binary party¬† . . . ever.

Here’s how the remaining Betabeaters left at the office are going to celebrate: Read More