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Sandy Likely to Delay Subway Wireless Rollout

Not anymore.

Bits and pieces of the New York City subway system are slowly coming back online–and not a moment too soon. But given that many tunnels took a good dousing in the storm, we couldn’t help but wonder about the fate of the MTA’s plan to roll out wireless access to many more subway stations by the end of the year. And yes, it turns out we’ll have to wait a little longer to receive emails while idling in the bowels of Times Square.

“We anticipate certainly that the storm will delay the completion of the 30 [new] stations into the first part of next year,” TransitWireless CEO William Bayne told Betabeat earlier today. Read More

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Cable Operators Do A Nice Thing, Kinda, Team Up to Offer Free Wifi


Hey, look: The cable companies all went in together to get something nice for you. The Wall Street Journal reports that Comcast, Time Warner, Cable Vision, Bright House, and Cox are banding together and opening their Wifi hotspots to each other’s customers. That means more than 50,000 hotspots around New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando and Philadelphia. Nor will users have to remember umpteen different brand names; providers will now take the marvelously generic “CableWiFi” as their network name. Read More

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KeyWiFi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Build a Peer-to-Peer Internet Access Platform

Mr. Black, KeyWifi's CEO (

In this Internetty bubble we so rarely leave, it’s easy to forget that millions of people in urban areas are within range of a functioning WiFi connection, but can’t necessarily afford it. New York-based startup KeyWiFi wants to help change that, by allowing individuals to rent out their unused WiFi connections for a nominal fee to those who can’t afford Internet. Read More