Someone Glued a Handle to an iPhone Case So You Don’t Have to Lift Your Arm as High Anymore

I want to be like her. (Photo via Kickstarter)

The human race has taken time off from ending hunger and achieving world peace to create a new invention that helps you hold your hand at a slightly lower altitude when making a phone call.

Dubbed the Fonhandle, this truly revolutionary instrument costs about $13. It was created by some Israelis who clearly didn’t have any bigger fish to fry that day. Read More


Jell-O’s Ad Agency Thinks It Can Change the Meaning of #FML to ‘Fun My Life’


One popular way ad agencies have learned to suck the lifeblood out of the web is to hijack popular hashtags and use them for their own evil branding purposes. Take the case of Jell-O, for example, whose marketers apparently convinced them they could tap into the millennial market by changing the meaning of “FML,” or “Fuck My Life,” a phrase deployed in times of great anguish, such as when your mom forgets to pack your lunch. Read More