Who Owns You Online?

Who Owns You Online?

After New York Banker is Fired, Employer Hijacks Her LinkedIn, Changes Name and Picture

The contested LinkedIn account

A New York banker is caught in a bizzare legal dispute that highlights the growing tension around individuals and their social media accounts after they part ways with their employer.

We reported on Monday about Noah Kravitz, who was sued for $340,000 by an ex-employer who claimed his Twitter account was rightfully theirs, and that each follower he had absconded with was costing them $2.50 per month in lost revenue.

Today we read on TechDirt about Linda Eagle, a Manhattan banker, who was one of three founders at the Edcomm Group. Her firm was purchased by Sawabeh Information Services in 2010 and she was terminated in June 2011.

Ms. Eagle had provided her LinkedIn password to Edcomm, and after she left, the company apparently went in and changed her name and picture to somebody else at the company. Read More