Wheelings and Dealings

Wheelings and Dealings

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom Apparently Negotiates Like A Boss

Kevin Systrom, cofounder of Instagram. (Twitter)

If this is true, it sure does shed some light on the abrupt end of Jack Dorsey’s Instagramming. VentureBeat claims that rumored offer from Twitter was solid enough to give CEO Kevin Systrom quite a bit of leverage, which he did not let go to waste. Their sources claim Mr. Systrom used the company’s pending Series B to get a “very real offer in the hundreds of millions of dollars range” from Twitter, and that’s when it gets really interesting: Read More

Wheelings and Dealings

Stack Overflow: Facebook Approached Us About Partnership in Late June

facebook stack overflow

Stack Exchange and Facebook announced a partnership, a Facebook-centric forum embedded within Stack Overflow’s programming-focused, question-and-answer wiki–and there was much rejoicing.

“It came about very quickly,” said Alex Miller, director of strategy at Stack Exchange, the network of wiki-esque forums that includes Stack Overflow. (Mr. Miller is also chief of staff and “sidekick to the CEO,” Joel Spolsky, who is on vacation this week and was unavailable. He also holds more than a dozen other titles for which he has corresponding business cards, according to his various duties. Betabeat can empathize.)

“One of the joys of us being a small agile start-up is, we can do things very quickly,” Mr. Miller explained. “In late June, early July they approached us and basically initiated a discussion about ways for us to partner on it. They were looking for a new solution and recognized the value of the platform … we were obviously thrilled to work with them.” Read More