We're Going to be TV Stars

We're Going to be TV Stars

AMC’s New Show Makes a Geek’s Special Wish Come True

Nerd. (Photo: Flickr)

Every nerd has dreamed a dream and now AMC wants to make it come true. The network has ordered a pilot hosted by Ready Player One author Ernest Cline. Tentatively titled Geek Out, the reality program will to travel across the country, surprising the type of people you’ve always wondered about, like your neighbor Ralph who brags about his Starship Enterprise replica. Read More

We're Going to be TV Stars

Calling All People With Weird Internet Friends: You Can Now Apply to Be on Season 2 of Catfish

(Photo: Twitter)

Catfish, we’d argue, is actually one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s not as highbrow as Homeland and it’s probably largely staged, but MTV’s attempt to turn the award-winning documentary into a reality TV show series has never once disappointed us in the OMGWTF department.

The show, which arranges for people with longtime Internet relationships to finally meet face to face, inevitably revealing the complex nest of lies they’ve told each other, is entertainment in the purest sense: Viewers can’t help but watch with a sense of horror and fascination as people humiliate themselves–and then are redeemed!–right on the screen. Read More

We're Going to be TV Stars

Betabeat Has Started Receiving Submissions to ‘Real Professionals of Silicon Valley’ Reality TV Show


A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new We checked out Mr. Commagere’s LinkedIn, where he lists his specialties as “games” and “viral marketing.” The CEO created or worked on several blockbuster Facebook games, his profile says, including Zombies and Vampires. He was also “a key member of the team that created ‘Causes on Read More

We're Going to be TV Stars

The Real Professionals of Silicon Valley: Bravo Casting for a New Reality Show

"Developers--make it work."

An ad for auditions for “a new reality show” set in Silicon Valley has appeared on Craigslist and in the inbox of Digg founder Kevin Rose. “NOW CASTING ‘Silicon Valley Reality Show’ Young Professionals (palo alto)” reads the headline, and the major cable network behind the idea is … Bravo. Project Startup, anyone?

The show isn’t explicitly tech-focused, it seems, as “any career goes, as long as you’re living life in the fast lane, we want to hear from you!” Read More