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It’s Out: Highly-Anticipated Osama bin Laden Video from Taiwan Animators Next Media [VIDEO]

Taiwanese animation studio Next Media has been producing semi-fictionalized animations of news events in which real video is unavailable (Tiger Woods fighting with his wife, behind the scenes at the royal wedding–find more on their YouTube channel), accompanied by a summary of the story. The studio just posted its summary of Osama bin Laden’s death. They called it, “Osama get got.” Read More

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As GetGlue Hits 1 Million Users, Is Checking In Becoming Part of TV Ritual?

get glue infographic

A lot of the stories on the future of “social” TV focus on the idea of a real-time conversation happening online, with viewers sharing thoughts and jokes while taking in their favorite shows. But New York startup GetGlue, which hit the million user mark today, is seeing something a little different.

“The last thing you want is some variant on an old AOL chatroom, with tens of thousands of people talking about a program at the same time,” says GetGlue COO Fraser Kelton. “What we’re seeing is a burst of activity at the start of each program. The way we interpret that is, checking in to GetGlue has become part of the ritual of settling in to watch TV.” Read More

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Emmy Award-Winning Internet Fame Professors Debut New Video Service, VHX

VHX boys

For a long time, web video platforms didn’t treat viewing the same way as traditional TV. Each clip was an autonomous unit. Maybe users got a few recommendations after they finished watching a video, but there was no sense of a continuous curated stream of entertainment like there is while watching network TV.

VHX, which launched today, is looking to use your social network to program your web video watching. Users open the service up to their contacts on Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, then get a dashboard of videos pulled from the friends they are following. Read More

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As Hulu and Netflix Surge, So Do Set Top Players Like Boxee

More of us everyday

Yesterday Betabeat ran down some of the growth stats being shared by Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. This morning we woke up to find Netflix has snagged exclusive rights to stream seven seasons of Mad Men at a reported $1 million dollars per episode.

The boom in these streaming video services is paying off for the hardware players who make the set top boxes that bring Hulu and Netflix to people’s TVs. Read More

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What Kind of Person is a Youtube Star?

10 Photos


Franchesca Ramsey and Emily Kim are still working towards their big break, now with a little help from Youtube and the team at Next New Networks.

To understand what it takes to become a Youtube superstar, with millions of followers and opportunities both on and off the web, we took a look at some of the channels with the most subscribers.

Emotion seems to trump intellect and a stream of consciousness, while cleverly edited, is still the lingua franca for popular vloggers. Read More