Web TV Wars

Web TV Wars

Hulu Grew 60 Percent In 2011, But Whiffed On It’s Own Predictions

Good, just not as good as you promised

Depending on where you read the coverage of Hulu’s revenue numbers, the picture of the company looks very different. Read Write Web declares that the company turned in a “pretty big year,” growing 60 percent and “raking” in $420 million in revenue. But as Peter Kafka points out at All Things D, that falls short of the $500 million Hulu CEO Jason Kilar predicted the company would make in several blog posts.

Mr. Kafka attributes the miss to rumors of soft ad sales which have been percolating for a while. Hulu also was on the chopping block for a while, then off again, then back on. And several of its partners, most notably Fox, either took away next day rights for programming or discussed the idea. All that volatility is sure to make it tough for Hulu to sell ads.  Read More

Web TV Wars

The Dysfunctional World of Web TV: R.I.P. Qwikster, We Barely Knew Ye

Not the new CEO. (Photo: Hulu)

Reed Hastings has a surprise blog post up this morning announcing that, after all the sturm und drang, Netflix won’t be splitting its business in two after all.

The announcement comes just as all the major players have submitted their bids to purchase Hulu, the web TV platform created by the big TV networks, which no longer appeals to them as a business.

Taking a look at two of the biggest names in the web TV space, it’s becoming clear that the internal battle between analog and digital television is creating real problems for companies hoping to straddle both worlds. Read More

Web TV Wars

The Web TV Wars Are Starting to Get Really Bloody

Oatmeal really nailed this one

Netflix sent the blogosphere into a tizzy earlier this week when it announced it was dividing itself in two: Netflix the streaming video business, and Qwikster, the disastrously named DVD by mail step child. A lot of articles were written trying to parse the news, but the general sentiment was confusion.

The truth is that the TV business is on the brink of a seismic shift, akin to what has already happened in music with the iTunes store and Spotify. But the entrenched interests, both the networks and the cable companies, are doing everything they can to make sure they keep control during this change.

So you get a situation like Netflix and Qwickster, which as Elliot Van Buskirk explains, is all about the licensing silly: Read More

Web TV Wars Rolls Out Partnerships With Hulu, College Humor and Tumblr

Image via We Are NY Tech

Techstars NY graduate has been pretty quiet since raising $1.5 million in July. But today the young start-up, which aims to provide an immersive experience for watching, sharing and discovering web video, announced that content from the typically isolated Hulu will be available on Videos from IAC’s College Humor also came online today, along with Tumblr integration. Read More

Web TV Wars

When Fox Delayed Its Hulu Shows, Piracy Shot Way Up

I'll take 98 Apple TVs, please.

A week after Fox made users wait to watch new shows on Hulu for free, tech site TorrentFreak says they’ve seen a drastic rise in the volume of illegal downloads of Fox shows.

TorrentFreak reported that over the first five days of Fox’s service change, Hell’s Kitchen saw an over 100 percent rise in illegal downloads compared with three previous episodes, and that MasterChef saw a rise of over 189 percent for the same comparison. Read More