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Warriors Meet Web

New York City Is a Giant Game of Risk, and Brooklyn Is Winning!

fourcraft update

There is a war raging in New York City to determine which of the five boroughs is the most tech savvy, restaurant-hopping, museum-going, nightclub-VIP clan. Over 100,000 battles have been recorded among the more than 3,000 players of World of Fourcraft, which turns the Big Apple into a giant game of Risk, in which each check-in represents an attack or defense. Today the service is rolling out a bunch of new features with its first update since it was created at General Assembly’s Game Hack Day.

“It seems like Foursquare is more focused on creating a loyalty card and has avoided diving too deep into gamifying their service,” says Ricky Robinett, one of Fourcraft’s founders. “They have such an incredible API that it was really simple to build a complex strategy game in a short, 48-hour hackathon.” Read More