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Walled Garden

Apple’s New Security Settings Are Designed To Scare You Into Paying Up

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Recently, this writer was sick of being about two Mac OS updates behind and decided to snag himself the free Yosemite upgrade. Then, the first time I went to install a new app that wasn’t right from the app store, I was hit with an unfamiliar message.

I was told that I was not authorized to open certain apps on my own computer — that in order to install them, I’d need to manually override my Mac’s security settings. Which apps are perfectly okay? The ones that you buy through Apple and the vendors it “identifies.” This is the new default standard for Mac users. Read More

Walled Garden

Official Q&A on Daytum’s Founders Moving to Facebook

Nicholas Felton. Photo:

Facebook prefers to keep things discreet, thank you very much. The social network is arguably the hottest tech company to work for right now, so it can probably demand whatever nondisclosure clauses it wants, whether it’s preliminary talks with a potential recruit with a clever Tumblr or post-hire details from Daytum’s Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case, now part of Facebook’s design team. The Daytum founders sent over this officious “FAQ” on the move. Read More

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Why So Stingy? Tweets From The Daily Drop Way Off

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One of the big challenges for the iPad only paper launched by News Corp. was that its content lived inside the walled garden of an app, which means it doesn’t get picked up in search results, the biggest driver of traffic alongside social. And now it seems like even the social side of readership is falling off, fast.  Read More