Zeel, the Crunchier Zocdoc for Alternative Healthcare, Now Lists 2,300 Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and More

Mr. Hamadeh

Betabeat first met Zeel, a Zocdoc-type appointment-booking service, last month when the mentoring program Startup “Don’t Call Us An Incubator” Health announced its inaugural class. The New York-based company vets alternative healthcare providers like specialized massage therapists, chiropractors, registered dietitians, acupuncturists. Users can search listings by price, location, years of experience, and certification.

The company makes money if you book an appointment through Zeel. Service providers are charged a 12 to 13 percent fee, inclusive of credit card fees, which ends up netting Zeel about $9 per transaction. Zocdoc, on the other hand, makes money by charging physicians to be listed on its site. Read More


Not an Incubator. Not an Accelerator. An ‘Academy.’ Startup Health Announces Inaugural Class

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Healthcare startups have a rough go of it. They don’t generate the buzz and excitement of a new private photo-sharing app or a virtual pinboard for moms, and they’re taking on one of the most tangled, frustrating, illogical industries around. The premise of Startup Health is to support healthcare companies by putting them in a class with their peers and then providing them with resources and advice as needed.

Right now, Startup Health’s mentoring program, or “academy,” has no campus and no roster of splashy name mentors. But ideally, the program will encourage innovation and growth and give the entrepreneurs moral support.  Read More