Visiting Dignitaries

Visiting Dignitaries

Jennifer Lopez Showed Up at Her Viva Movil Store Opening in Brooklyn and Took A Lot of Pictures

Natural. (Photo: Instagram)

In case if you were wondering what Jennifer Lopez was doing on her summer Friday, we found her!

The self-labeled “mobile neophyte” showed up in Brooklyn this afternoon for the grand opening of her new cell phone retailer Viva Movil. It’s a Latino-aimed joint venture between her, who mostly just poses for pictures for it, and Verizon Wireless. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Bored, Ashton Kutcher Takes to Quora to Explain His Steve Jobs Role

So method.

We’re less than a month away from the release of Jobs, the romantic comedy about Apple cofounder Steve Jobs’s life, and star Ashton Kutcher is already defending himself against the haters.

Last week someone on Quora asked the venture capitalist-lite why he chose the role and he answered. Laying it out in four bullet points, @aplusk explains that it was very difficult to pick up the role but the sweet pay check, rather, the challenges in playing the revered tech titan intrigued him. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Spike Lee Joins Kickstarter to Fund New Project That’s Not A Veronica Mars Movie

Kickstarter user, Spike Lee. (Photo: Flickr/Thomas Rome)

Hoping to emulate the success of Veronica Mars, multipurpose man Spike Lee is also turning to Kickstarter to fund an upcoming project of his. According to the project’s most #blessed description, he’s seeking $1.25 million in funding to craft some new “joint” because he’s sick of Hollywood’s propensity to ignoring independent film makers, like him.

The Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Hey, Haters: Mary Louise Parker Plans to Quit Acting Because of the Internet’s ‘Bitchiness’


Rule number one of trolls: don’t feed them.

Weeds star Mary Louise Parker seems to have missed that memo. In an interview with News Corps Australia, the actress said that the Internet’s penchant for “bitchiness” and “meanness” has made her want to quit acting. All of those nasty comments, all of those self-loathing anons attacking her character: it’s simply too much for her. Read More

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Lady Gaga Copies Jay-Z, Dips Her Monster Claw into Tech with ‘Reverse Warholian’ App

At least the fake horns are gone? (Photo: Facebook)

Lady Gaga is taking a page from Jay-Z’s book, a neat little tome called How to Stay Relevant When Your Best Work May Be Behind You (sorry, #factsonly).

Apparently, the answer is to dabble in tech. She announced last night that her newest album, ARTPOP, will arrive to fans via mobile app. Kind of like that time when Jay-Z did the exact same thing last week. Read More