Visiting Dignitaries

Visiting Dignitaries

Justin Bieber’s Latest Investment Is a Social Network for #Teens

"Yo sweet pitch deck, dawg." (Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images)

Sure, Katy Perry just passed Justin Bieber as the most popular person on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean the diminutive Canadian heartthrob is losing his taste for the digital rat-race.

Fortune reports that he’s just made a new seed investment, his first in a social network. The Biebs is pumping some of his endless cash into Shots of Me, a new teen-targeted social network due to launch later this week. VC Shervin Pishevar and boxer Floyd Mayweather have also invested. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Owl City’s Frontman Might Be Behind Those Absurdly Catchy iOS 7 Ring Tones

New text! (Photo: Getty Images)

The new ring tones, alarm sounds and text alerts of iOS 7 are mostly pleasing in their bleepy-bloopiness, aside from a few missteps (we’re looking at you, piercing sonar alarm default).

If you heard them and thought they resembled syrupy, squeaky-clean pop music, you weren’t too far off. As it turns out, the man behind Owl City may also be the man behind iOS 7′s new noises. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Social Media Expert Katy Perry Has Some Advice About Your Tweeting

Gets it. (Photo: Facebook.)

Do you ever draft a tweet but wonder to yourself “Oh, I don’t know about this one, but I wish Katy Perry was here to help me?” Well, if that’s keeping you wide awake, you can now rest easy because the singer-cum-social media ninja has released her guidelines on proper Internet usage.

In a something (guess we’ll call it an interview?) with USA Today the sparkly bb said her millions of followers have taught her to the proper way to “tame that social media dragon” that comes roaring out of all of us. Read More

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Goop Proprietor Gwyneth Paltrow Says the Internet Is ‘Really Upsetting’

"Internet is weird" - Goop. (Photo: Flickr)

You know who isn’t the biggest fan of the World Wide Web? Website owner, Aol host and app developer Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Duchess of Goop told E! News that the Internet is a cause of concern at her house because of all the weird things daughter Apple can see on it. It’s a freighting place, she said, like sitting through a viewing of View from the Top scary. Anyway, she sung the praises of her “super-smart” daughter for constant inquiries about normal childlike things, such as the sun, devil and renewable energy.  Read More

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Madonna Will Use BitTorrent For… Something

(Photo: Getty)

The Queen, Empress, Duchess, Headmistress, etc., of Pop has finally announced some deets for her secretprojectrevolution, which is a partnership between herself, VICE and Steven Klein. And while we don’t know much more about it besides the fact that it’s a 17-minute film and it has something to do with society and oppression, we do know this: she will distribute the film via BitTorrent. Read More

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Grumpy Cat Looks Pissed to Be the New Face of Friskies

A publicist sent us this.

Just the other day, a trip to a Fancy Feast-inspired fashion show had us speculating about why there aren’t more Internet cat endorsements of pet food brands. Not a full week later comes the news from Friskies: Cranky, overworked meme Grumpy Cat has signed an endorsement deal, making her the official, uh, “spokescat” for the brand.

BRB, giving my cat a lecture about how he needs to get a damn job. Read More

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Yoko Ono Is Pretty Sure John Lennon Would Have Had a Ridic Klout Score

A face that says, "TL;DR" (Photo: Getty)

Here is something you can file away and whip out the next time your drunk uncle is railing against social media: Yoko Ono swears John Lennon would have been a huge Twitter fan. So there.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the 80-year-old performance artist, musician and Beatle-marrier Ms. Ono talked about artist activism, her upcoming album “Take Me to the Land of Hell,” and her late husband. Read More

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Your Instagram Mirror Pics Are Now Fashion Design Inspiration

Bow down. (Screengrab:

Your selfies may be alienating loved ones and acquaintances, but according to the New York Times, Instagram users’ activity may actually influence real-life fashion designers.

It’s not so much that designers are crafting hot-dog-leg pants or building entire collections to look like they’re being seen through the Rise filter. Rather, they’re using Insta as a way to keep up with which aesthetics the masses are digging these days, and even–in the case of no less a designer than Marc Jacobs–crowd-sourcing jewelry designs from time to time. Read More