Visiting Dignitaries

Visiting Dignitaries

Kanye Uses Yeezus Tour’s Screaming Fans to Shame Eric Schmidt Into Investing

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 20, 2013

Further proving that his spectacular Yeezus tour is actually a cover for a DONDA fundraising round, Kanye West used his screaming audience to pursue an investment from Eric Schmidt at the Madison Square Garden show on Saturday night.

He repeatedly interrupted his set, Complex reports, to inform the crowd that Google chair Eric Schmidt was “in the house.” He then asked “approximately a dozen times, ‘Do y’all want Eric Schmidt to invest in DONDA?'” The crowd went wild. There’s nothing like peer pressure from a bunch of drunk groundlings to get a startup funded. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Good Guy Frank Bruni Returns Courtney Love’s Lost iPhone Via Twitter

Courtney Love (Photo: Getty)

Last night, presumably after leaving a séance with her coven of Instagram witches, Courtney Love left her iPhone in a yellow cab. Lucky for her, New York Times columnist and all around nice guy Frank Bruni found it, according to New York Magazine

Instead of attempting to turn a profit on the black market for Ms. Love’s iPhone photos of rudimentary song lyrics scrawled on napkins, Mr. Bruni used the rock mom’s favorite medium, Twitter, to notify her that he’d found her precious phone. Read More

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Justin Bieber’s New App Is for Selfies, Kind of Like All the Other Apps for Selfies

I was like selfie, selfie, selfie, ohhhhh (Photo: YouTube)

When celebs dip their perfectly pedicured toes into the tech world, the results often feel crass and unnecessary. Do we really need this “clean-living startup” from Jessica Alba? Does anyone read Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP in earnest? And why did we have to download a bad app to listen to Jay-Z’s latest album?

But you can’t get much more crass than Shots of Me, a selfie app backed by a big chunk of change from Justin Bieber. So why do we need this selfie app? “Immaturity fuels bullying and drama-filled comment reels,” TechCrunch points out. “So RockLive has taken funding from Justin Bieber to solve these problems with Shots of Me, a self-portrait photo sharing iOS app that launches today.” Read More

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Gandalf Himself Handed the CEO of Palantir an Award on Monday

That underwear says "You Shall Not Pass." (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

Here’s a scene that, sadly, probably won’t make the ultra-special limited-edition Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray collection: Page Six reports that last night Gandalf himself, a.k.a. noted Shakespearean actor Sir Ian McKellen, “stripped down onstage Monday night at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre for the annual Only Make Believe charity gala,” to reveal a pair of Tolkien-themed underwear.

It gets even better, though. Wait for the techie punchline to the shenanigans: Read More

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Here Is the All #Tech Version of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2013

America's Fun Aunt. (Photo: Getty)

On December 25th(ish) about 2,013 years ago, the Virgin Mary was safely delivered of a son. We mark his momentous birth by burying ourselves deeper and deeper into debt at the local shopping mall for six to eight weeks each year leading up to Christmas.

In January 1954, another religious icon was born–Oprah Winfrey. Like Jesus, she would grow to head her own international movement built on kindness, self acceptance and love (as well as frumpy mom makeovers and daytime TV ad sales).

Once a year, we celebrate these two icons in tandem. Yes, we’re talking about Oprah’s Favorite Things, an annual list with which Ms. Winfrey has gifted us since 2002. The compilation of material items serves as a rare glimpse into Ms. Winfrey’s psyche, and for that we plebes are grateful. Read More

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Justin Bieber’s Latest Investment Is a Social Network for #Teens

"Yo sweet pitch deck, dawg." (Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images)

Sure, Katy Perry just passed Justin Bieber as the most popular person on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean the diminutive Canadian heartthrob is losing his taste for the digital rat-race.

Fortune reports that he’s just made a new seed investment, his first in a social network. The Biebs is pumping some of his endless cash into Shots of Me, a new teen-targeted social network due to launch later this week. VC Shervin Pishevar and boxer Floyd Mayweather have also invested. Read More

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Owl City’s Frontman Might Be Behind Those Absurdly Catchy iOS 7 Ring Tones

New text! (Photo: Getty Images)

The new ring tones, alarm sounds and text alerts of iOS 7 are mostly pleasing in their bleepy-bloopiness, aside from a few missteps (we’re looking at you, piercing sonar alarm default).

If you heard them and thought they resembled syrupy, squeaky-clean pop music, you weren’t too far off. As it turns out, the man behind Owl City may also be the man behind iOS 7’s new noises. Read More

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Social Media Expert Katy Perry Has Some Advice About Your Tweeting

Gets it. (Photo: Facebook.)

Do you ever draft a tweet but wonder to yourself “Oh, I don’t know about this one, but I wish Katy Perry was here to help me?” Well, if that’s keeping you wide awake, you can now rest easy because the singer-cum-social media ninja has released her guidelines on proper Internet usage.

In a something (guess we’ll call it an interview?) with USA Today the sparkly bb said her millions of followers have taught her to the proper way to “tame that social media dragon” that comes roaring out of all of us. Read More