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Viral Video

Man Confesses to Killing Someone in Promotional Video for New Startup

(Screencap: YouTube)

On June 21st, 2013, 22-year-old Matthew Cordle was out “drinking very heavily” with friends when he decided to get behind the wheel. He blacked out while driving on the highway and crossed into the opposite lane, colliding with another car head on. The accident killed a 61-year-old veteran and photographer named Vincent Canzani, and Mr. Cordle didn’t take responsibility for his death–until now. Read More

Viral Video

McDonald’s Employees Glimpse Into Their Freaky Driverless Car Future in Viral Prank


(Photo: YouTube)

Though driverless cars are on the road (heh) to becoming legal in many states, it will definitely take some time for the American populace to adjust to the sight of a car functioning without someone in the driver’s seat.

YouTube user MagicofRahat took advantage of that dissonance by creating a costume that looked just like his car’s seat back and placed it over his body, giving the impression that his car was driving itself. Then he drove the car through a number of fast food drive-thrus and scared the crap out of the unsuspecting employees. Read More

Viral Video

Video of Russian Teens Brutally Bullying Peer Goes Viral

A screencap from the video. (Photo: Red Hot Russia)

It starts with a young blonde boy, who looks to be in his early teens, his face covered in dirt and bruises, bent over on his knees kissing the pink sandals of a teen girl. The video, which was filmed in Novomoskovsk–a city in western Russia–and depicts three teens violently bullying and abusing one of their peers, has gone viral on the Russian Internet. Read More