Unrefused Offers

Unrefused Offers

CityPockets Founder Cheryl Yeoh on Her Start-Up’s First Acquisition and the Emerging WeWork Mafia


Last week, New York-based e-coupon organizer CityPockets announced the acquisition of the month-old, one-man start-up Dealburner, a real-time SMS notification for daily deals based on the Foursquare API. DealBurner was created by Jason Fertel after he and his two co-founders decided to abandon their group-texting start-up Freespeech, which seemed doomed despite sending half a million texts a day just because there were so many bigger start-ups doing the same thing. Both CityPockets CEO Cheryl Yeoh and Mr. Fertel worked out of the Soho co-working space WeWork Labs, which has seen companies formed, funded by angel investors and accepted into incubators since it opened in April.

Betabeat caught up with Ms. Yeoh to ask about plans for DealBurner.  Read More