Exclusive: New Media’s Merry Prankster Takes on Sacred Techno-Calf with ‘TED(µ) Talk’


Nimrod Kamer, he of the fake Obama birth video and Finger Hashtag controversy, is back and better than ever. Last week, Gawker’s John Cooke posted a video “Must-Watch TED Talk On Monetizing Wikipedia,” in which Mr. Kamer discusses his business plan for making money off of lying about celebrities on their Wikis. “You should Wikipedia edit the change you want to see in the world,” Mr. Kamer tells his audience before giving an example involving “fashionista” Derek Blasberg (“He told me he was the voice of his generation. Or a voice of a generation…of the fashion generation,”) and The New York Observer.

Now Mr. Kamer has expanded his “TED(µ)” channel to include far more than just Wiki editing (a service he does, in fact, offer), and gave us an exclusive of Billie JD Porter (host of Channel 4′s The Joy of Teen Sex) performing “an exploratory dance that turns an internet meme phenomena back to its original GIF form.” Read More


Erin Lee Carr Leaves Vice for The Verge

Erin Lee Carr

Erin Lee Carr has left Vice, where she was a video producer, for The Verge. Ms. Carr, daughter of Times media reporter David, joins The Verge as a video producer and will work on video features for Vox Media’s tech enterprise.

“Looking at Erin’s incredible work from both an editorial and creative perspective made it obvious she would be a perfect fit at The Verge,” editor in chief Joshua Topolsky said in an email to The Observer. “She’s a rare talent who is not only able to conceptualize big, important stories — but can actually execute on those ideas. As we push online storytelling forward, I have no doubt that Erin will contribute in both unexpected and wildly exciting ways.”  Read More

Twitter Fail

Edward Snowden is Not Dead, Despite Parody Twitter Account Claim

Screenshot of Anthony De Rosa's Twitter Feed.

Anthony De Rosa, former Reuters social media editor and soon-to-be editor in chief of Circa, tweeted that N.S.A whistleblower Edward Snowden was dead.

“CONFIRMED: Edward Snowden is dead,” Mr. De Rosa retweeted, assuming that the tweet came from Glen Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who broke the NSA story, when in fact it was a fake account purporting to be from Mr. Greenwald. Rumors of Mr. Snowden’s death, apparently, were greatly exaggerated, especially since the Twitter feed that Mr. De Rosa retweeted misspelled the Guardian reporter’s surname as “Greenwild.” Read More


Kerry Lauerman is Leaving Salon, Dave Daley Named Interim Editor in Chief

Kerry Lauerman (Photo via Twitter).

Salon’s editor in chief Kerry Lauerman is leaving the website to partner with Lerer Ventures on a new startup, Politico’s Dylan Byers reports. Mr. Lauerman, who joined Internet journalism pioneer Salon in 2000, took over from Joan Walsh as editor in chief in 2010.

According to sources at Salon, staffers were just summoned to an all-staff meeting where Mr. Lauerman announced the news of his departure and, according to a source, named Dave Daley as interim editor in chief.

[UPDATE]: Mr. Daley confirmed that he has been named interim editor in chief. Read More


Whoops! The New Republic Mistakes Susan Rice for Condi Rice

TNR Condi Rice

Susan Rice, Condi Rice—who can tell the difference?

Certainly not The New Republic, who tweeted “With today’s news, our Facebook page is starting to resemble a Condie (sic) Rice photo shoot” earlier this afternoon.

At the time, The New Republic‘s Facebook page featured a large photo and portrait of Susan Rice, President Obama’s new National Security Advisor. There were no photos of Condoleezza Rice, President Bush’s National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State. Read More

Feel like a number?

Classing up the Joint: Posh Pot Startups Cashing in on Reefer Madness


WeWork, a co-working space on Little West 12th Street, is a warren of glassed-in office cubicles populated by aggressively branded startups with names like Strike Force and Savage. Rodawg is quite like the other young design and marketing businesses there, except that the product it centers around is illegal in the state of New York.

Founder Josh Gordon wants Rodawg to be for weed what “Billabong is for the surfing industry.”

Tall and scruffy, Mr. Gordon was dressed to meet The Observer in the casual-but-expensive mode popular among entrepreneurs: designer jeans, a plaid collared shirt opened to reveal a hefty gold chain and a T-shirt screen-printed with a steer skull. One arm draped over the back of a chaise, he spoke in the laconic, “bud”-peppered tone of someone who had had a positive high school experience. Read More

Gone Phishing

Atlantic Media Fails Hacking Test


Earlier today, everyone at Atlantic Media received an email warning them to “reverify” their Google Apps account. But the email wasn’t actually from Google; it was from Atlantic Media’s Chief Technology Officer Tom Cochran, who wanted to test his staff to find out it they would click the fake link.

And within two hours, 58 percent of people at Atlantic Media did.

“Across our entire company, 58% of us clicked the email after opening it. Wow. Fifty-eight percent!” Mr. Cochran wrote in a follow up email chastising Atlantic Media employees. “With those odds, all a scammer needs to do is craft an intriguing enough subject line and they have a great chance at getting your account information. Then, you’re hacked and so is Atlantic Media.” Read More