Twitter Trouble

Twitter Trouble

Killjoy Mayor Orders Police Action Because of Crack-Filled Parody Tweets

Mayor Jim Ardis (

Being mean to the mayor of Peoria, Ill. on the interwebs can apparently get you #arrested.

Sometime in late February or early March, somebody launched @peoriamayor — a parody Twitter account designed to skewer the city’s mayor, Jim Ardis, the Peoria Journal Star reported.

Based on the tweets it sent out — which are now unavailable, as the account is suspended — the Twitter account painted Mayor Ardis as being really into marijuana, crack and prostitutes — basically a Peoria version of Toronto’s Rob Ford. Read More

Twitter Trouble

Twitter Suspends Beloved Account @NYTOnIt After Trademark Violation Claims From The New York Times [UPDATED]

(Screencap: Twitter)

Update: Our long national nightmare is over. Twitter has reinstated @NYTOnIt, under the condition that it gets a new logo or else face “permanent deletion.” The NYTOnIt Facebook page is now having a design contest for a new logo.

Avid media watchers are well acquainted with the presence of @NYTOnIt, a longstanding Twitter account that gently mocks The New York Times by pointing out articles or trend stories that tread somewhere between indulgent and “duh.” Each tweet always ends with “and The Times is ON IT” to drive home the point that the stories tweeted by @NYTOnIt are some of the Times’s less-than-thought-provoking fare. As the account’s Twitter bio explains, “Because sometimes stories in newspapers are just *that* obvious.” Read More

Twitter Trouble

Twitter Attempts to Protect Free Speech While Eradicating Hate Speech

Mr. Costolo (Photo:

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed to the Financial Times yesterday that the company is preparing to roll out new efforts to curtail the proliferation of “hate speech” on the microblogging service. “How do you make sure you are both emboldening people to speak politically but making it OK to be on the platform and not endure all this hate speech?” he pondered to the FT.

Twitter’s primary conundrum lies in the fact that the service has been used as a tool of political expression in countries with strict speech and cyber laws. But, like most corners of the Internet that allow for anonymity, it’s also been an impressively vitriolic vehicle for hate speech. Have you ever read Julia “I want to roll around in Silicon Valley” Allison’s @ replies? Not pretty. Read More

Twitter Trouble

Just What You Never Wanted: A Weekly Newsletter of Tweets


Twitter is, by nature, a swiftly flowing torrent of information. You can step away for lunch and miss everything from major national breaking news to weird, niche culture stories to–yes–what your high school boyfriend had for breakfast. It’s just part of how the platform works–you have to learn to be okay with missing some stories, and obsessively Storify-ing others.

Well, not anymore. Twitter announced on its company blog today that it will be sending out a weekly email of tweets. Read More

Twitter Trouble

TSA Screener Busted After Blogger’s TwitPic of “Get Your Freak On” Note Goes Viral

Get Your Freak On Note

Jill Filipovic—she of the daily feminism essential-reading blog Feministe—recently took a trip through one of our nation’s great airports. When she got off the plane, she found a note in her bag. She Tweeted the note, it went viral, and the TSA has now publicly acknowledged it and the disciplinary action being taken against the TSA screener who put it there. So what was the note? Read More