Twitter Makes It Real

Twitter Makes It Real

Here’s What Everyone Was Really Talking About During Apple’s Keynote (Hint: It’s Not the New Features)

What's your problem, hater? (Photo via Getty)

By the end of today’s Apple Keynote, there were already a few hundred articles microscopically telling us which features are meaningless, why or why not the Apple Watch will transform humanity forever and when you can start handing over your sweet money. The announcement was also marred by ironic technical difficulties more worthy of a Motorola Read More

Twitter Makes It Real

Interview With @FalseCEOTimCook: ‘My Own Cult Following Would Be Great’


We all know the appropriate template for a Steve Jobs joke: something about black turtlenecks and things being magical and/or revolutionary and sporting the minimum number of buttons. But we’re just learning how to make fun of Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook. If the legion of parody accounts is any guidance, it’s rainbows (read: gay jokes), senior VP Bob Mansfield fat jokes, planking, and being forever shadowed by the Ghost of Jobs.

“Who loves me?” was the first tweet by @ITimCook. “You know what was nice? AOL keywords,” says @TheRealTimCook, who also pondered, “1st day on the job! Can’t decide which turtleneck to wear…”

@FalseCEOTimCook, based of course in Cupertino, says he’s “bringing back the rainbow Apple logo, one stripe at a time.”

“Yeah, I just got 1,000,000 shares of Apple Stock. Let’s hope I don’t f*** this up,” he tweeted recently in between legal threats. We caught up with the false CEO to ask him about the transition and his plans for Apple. Read More