Tumblr Debuts an iOS App Just for Photosets

Use it to show off all angles of your sick ride. (Photo: Tumblr)

Some good news today if you’re tired of relying on Instagram and/or that boring old smartphone camera to take breakfast pics for your Tumblr. The company has just released Photoset, a new app devoted wholly to “creating and sharing beautiful high-res photosets on your iPhone or iPad.”

Those of us still pecking away on lousy Read More


Teens Admit to Trolling Tumblr: JK, There’s No Such Thing as Transethnic Autistic Pangender Asexual Demiromantic Otherkin

"my pronouns are xie, xir, xis and xiself." (Photo: prince-koyangi.tumblr)

Late last night, the trio of authors of the Prince-Koyangi Tumblr decided to let the cat out of the bag. Or rather the “autistic pangender asexual demiromantic trans-asian cat,” as the blog’s fictional 16-year-old author “jun/june” describes “xieself.”

“This is starting to get kind of boring so I suppose it’s time to give it up,” says a post signed “Chloe, Stephanie and Tyler,” who claim to be the real authors of the Prince-Koyangi Tumblr. “As some of our more astute readers have noticed, this is a troll blog — a collaborative trolling effort between three teenagers with too much time on their hands. None of us are autistic, pangender, asexual, demiromantic, transethnic, or a cat, although one of us is 16 and Canadian. It was fun while it lasted.” Read More


Three’s a Trend: Another Rapper Spits a Line About Tumblr

Childish Gambino, AKA, Donald Glover, AKA, Troy from 'Community', AKA Another Rapper On Tumblr.

Yesterday, we noted that—following in Odd Future’s lead—yet another “hot” rap act has dropped a reference to Tumblr in one of his songs: critical darling (and Kanye West signee) Pusha-T, who used Tumblr as a slag of sorts on another up-and-coming rapper. Well, today, a Tumblr employee notes a track of yet another much-discussed up-and-coming rapper (who also happens to work as a prime-time TV star when he’s not rapping) whose recent track lays down love—or a form of it—for the social network/microblogging platform. Read More