Tumblr Head of Brand Strategy & Marketing Matt Hackett Leaves Company

Mr. Hackett.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tumblr president John Maloney took his leave of the company. Now we hear that head of brand strategy and marketing (and former Betabeat Poachable) Matt Hackett has departed, too. Formerly Tumblr’s VP of engineering, Mr. Hackett moved to his current role in September of last year.

He’s the second major departure (after Mr. Maloney) since the advent of a kind of advertising on the platform.

Mr. Hackett announced his departure via email, as first reported by Reuters social media editor Matthew Keys (AKA @producermatthew). He didn’t elaborate on his reasons, but apparently before making his decision, he talked it over with a host of people up to and including David Karp. Appropriately enough, Mr. Hackett has since uploaded a memorial gif to his personal Tumblr, along with the note, “I will definitely miss you guys.” Read More


Tumblr To Start Selling Ads, After All

Mr. Karp's Tumblr avatar (

Apparently Tumblr CEO David Karp has overcome his distaste for ads, because he just announced that advertisers will be able to buy access to the dashboard’s “Tumblr Radar.”

About 45 minutes ago, Rex Sorgatz tweeted the following dispatch from AdAge Digital: “Karp just announced that the Featured spot on the Tumblr dashboard is going up for sale to advertisers.” Business Insider is reporting that the feature will go live as early as May 2.

Reached via email, Mr. Sorgatz provided more detail, telling Betabeat: Read More


Tumblr Experts Say Tumblr-Ready Things About Tumblr At Social Media Week


According to Tumblr experts (look for a course in becoming one at your local DeVry soon), Tumblr is something like an unholy hybrid of Twitter and WordPress and quite possibly the future of humanity. Or, more seriously, the future of print.

We exaggerate–but there was a shiny, glittering feel to The Next Web’s report on last Friday’s “Let’s Get Ready to Tumblr: Building community by reimagining and redistributing your content.” The panel was part of Social Media Week and featured Tumblr notables from Buzzfeed, Flavorpill and The Atlantic. Read More


Tumblr and Soundcloud, Sitting In a Tree

Hipster start-ups unite; New York-based Tumblr and Berlin-based Soundcloud announced a beautiful partnership yesterday. “Tumblr <3s Soundcloud,” Tumblr declared in a staff blog post, while the music start-up announced the news in a post entitled “Tumblr + Soundcloud = <3.” The partnership means Tumblr users can search Soundcloud tracks from within Tumblr and post an unlimited number of them a day, and Soundcloud has embedded Tumblr share buttons all over its site and mobile apps. Soundcloud, which lets you upload files of any size, is mostly remixes and original tracks by independent and amateur artists, although it does have a sizable library of better-known songs.


Tumblr Deletes Its Tweets About Service Problems


Here’s a study in social media strategy: Contrast the archives of Twitter status blog, powered by Tumblr, with the Tumblr status feed, hosted on Twitter. Twitter’s status blog is an archive of the company’s downtime: May 10: “site stability issues,” May 5: “elevated error rates,” and so on. Tumblr, by contrast, likes to wipe the slate clean! Tweets about Tuesday’s downtime–and all the service issues Tumblr has tweeted about in the past–have been scrubbed from the company’s feed.  Read More


WordPress Coming Up On 20 Million Blogs; Tumblr Not Far Behind

tumblr shades

WordPress, which opened for business in 2005, is going great! It hosts 19.9 million blogs, according to Royal Pingdom, and has been millions ahead of Tumblr–but the gap is closing quickly. Tumblr now says it hosts 18.4 million blogs–they just hit 17 million a few weeks ago–and is growing at an alarming pace, hence all the downtime over the past year.

It’s arguable that WordPress and Tumblr are really competitors, since WordPress is a sophisticated content management system for publishers with an extensive library of probably thousands of plug-ins and themes to extend its functionality, while Tumblr is a minimalist rich media blogging platform of which the news feed and social features are a major attraction. WordPress is primarily front-facing; the backend is a mess of wires and code. Tumblr is bi-directional–a Tumblr that lives on a .com makes for a pretty website that you may not be able to tell is part of a socially-driven application, but much of the activity happens inside the network’s walls.


At Long Last, Tumblr Rolls Out Share Button! And Crashes

tumblr share sorry

“Finally!” local Tumblr mogul Anthony de Rosa reblogged when he saw the news. It’s rather amazing that an embeddable “share this via Tumblr” button didn’t exist already–we know users have been clamoring for it, and it’s something the other major major social network start-up in this city added before it had half Tumblr’s userbase–but now it’s here, so shut up. “It’s now super easy to add a ‘Share on Tumblr‘ button to any site,” the company staff blog says. “The Tumblr Button can give you complete control over how your content appears when shared on Tumblr. Not only does this mean specifying an excerpt or summary, but also deciding whether it appears as a Link, Quote, Photo, or Video Embed. Read More


Tumblr Apologizes to Danah Boyd, Restores Her Original Username

john maloney

Tumblr has restored Microsoft researcher and pundit Danah Boyd’s blog to its original location after a public spat.

Yesterday, Microsoft researcher of 43,900+ Twitter follower fame Danah Boyd discovered her Tumblr account,, had been changed to to make room for Zephoria Inc., a New York-based social media marketing agency. Ms. Boyd is an infrequent Tumblr user–her last entry was in January–but she was irritated that one, Tumblr would automatically give preference to a corporation, and two, she had no idea her blog was being moved until it happened. Read More


Tumblr Gave Danah Boyd’s Username to a Marketing Company

karp tumbeasts

Tumblr just messed with the wrong 43,913 Twitter follower-ed blogger. Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd just posted an open letter to Tumblr, which abruptly moved her blog to a new address and gave her old handle,, to a social media consulting company.

“Tumblr did not notify me. And while their ToS says that they will, it also says that Tumblr ‘reserves the right to remove any Subscriber Content from the Site, suspend or terminate Subscriber’s right to use the Services at any time,'” she wrote. It appears Ms. Boyd’s most recent post was in January. Read More