Tough Love

Tough Love

Daft Enough to Post a Photo of Your Bank Card? @NeedaDebitCard Will Tweet It

You know who can believe it? The hacker who is using this to buy a new iPad. (Photo: Twitter/NeedaDebitCard)

It is 2012. July 2012 to be exact, so basically a slippery slope to 2013 already. And yet people are still tweeting and posting and Instagraming and generally making public images of their debit cards. Like the front part with their name and card number and all that good stuff, for all the world to steal.

Thankfully, @NeedaDebitCard has came along to knock some sense into the oblivious. But it’s a lesson unsuspecting lifecasters will have to learn the hard way. The anonymous Twitter account retweets the images unblurred under the message, “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.” Read More