Today We Learned

Today We Learned

Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Section Suffers Near Death Experience


Reddit’s increasingly popular “IAmA” section–I am a tech blogger, ask me anything–was briefly shut down yesterday after its creator got sick of policing its 465,000 members and the pranksters who pretended to be terminally ill patients or rape victims. “The /r/IAmA that I shut down (until incredable backlash), in my opinion is not that subreddit that I started two year ago,” moderator 32bites wrote. “I feel that the community has been flooded by people who don’t care about it at all …” Read More

Today We Learned Charms Users With Its Nerdiness

turntable fm email settings

The New York start-up whose error pages are strictly LOLcats has decided to inject a little humor into the usually-annoying process of Deciding What Things You Want To Be Emailed About. Contrast’s offer to “send me emails at random times with a different subsection of the digits of pi” with Facebook’s email notifications page, a monstrous 70-plus stack of boxes indicating different social actions you might need to know about. “THIS is exactly the mental attitude I want to see in a startup’s development team.  These folks will go far, both in this project and in future efforts,” writes one Turntable fan.