Tipping the Scale

Tipping the Scale

What Are Tumblr’s 12 Billion Pageviews Really Worth?


Along with their announcement of a $85 million series E funding round earlier this week, Tumblr offered some statistics on their explosive growth. Most impressively, perhaps, was the fact that the site now does 12-13 BILLION page views per month, an astronomical increase over this time last year.

But these numbers are perhaps even more staggering: Tumblr has only around 13 million users and 30 million monthly unique visitors producing this massive pageview count. The people who spend time on Tumblr, it seems, are highly-engaged, and that’s what convinced the venture capitalists from Greylock Partners, who led this round,  that real revenue and even profitability, is just around the corner. “They will succeed in working through that over the next months and years,” John Lilly, a partner at Greylock, told Reuters. Read More