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Time Suckers

Assuage Your Internet Rage with Online Debating Game DeBunky

Mr. Batra

If you’ve never heard of New York-based site DeBunky, we won’t hold it against you. The online game is the brainchild of NYU grad Rick Batra and IP lawyer Deepal Chadha, who┬ástealthily launched DeBunky last week. The site has been attempting to quietly build a user base among the founders’s friends and acquaintances before going public.

DeBunky works like this: Enter your own topic or choose from the list of trending topics (“sexting” or “George Zimmerman,” perhaps?), choose a position (pro or con) and click “Match.” DeBunky will hook you up with a fellow debater so that you can relive your high school debating days, Internet style.┬áMany debates also include a judge, who acts like a referee and keeps the debaters in line, eventually choosing a winner. Read More