This Message Will Self-Destruct In 3...

This Message Will Self-Destruct In 3...

In Fitting Mission Impossible-Style Conclusion, Flame Malware Self-Destructs

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Could the Flame malware infection be any more straight out of a spy movie? Answer: nope. Ars Technica reports that attackers have now issued a “suicide” command to the infected computers, thereby essentially scrubbing its tracks.

Discovered by Kaspersky Lab, the malware has made headlines because of the eye-catching little detail that, at 20 megabytes, it’s much bigger than the dreaded Stuxnet and designed to collect dirt on the user of the infected machine. That said, it’s not a particularly far-reaching infection, targeting largely computers in the Middle East, including Iran. Unsurprisingly, it’s thought to be nation-state designed, rather than the work of cyber criminals. Cyber criminals can probably jack your password without designing something that big.  Read More