This Happened

This Happened

Someone Mailed Jay Z 99 Boxes of Captain Crunch After He Tweeted That It’s His Favorite Cereal

(Photo: Twitter)

#factsonly: We here at Betabeat will never forget the glorious day that Jay Z decided to take to Twitter for a few hours and offer us a much-needed break from the summer doldrums.

During his brief stint on the platform he coined several memorable hashtags, such as #mylaugh, a replacement for “lol.” He also spent time answering questions from Twitter users, one of whom asked what his favorite cereal is. “cap’n crunch growing up,” he responded. “I haven’t had cereal in a bit.”

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This Happened

NYC Security Supervisor Accidentally Email Blasts a Picture of His Penis to Everyone at Work

Going private? (Photo: Lionsdenu)

It happens to the best of us: You think you’re sending a mundane email blast en masse to your coworkers, but instead you accidentally send a picture of your penis. Gerard Robson, a security supervisor at JFK airport, can testify to that. While attempting to send the proper photos of a fender bender, he mistakenly attached a photo of a “waist down, naked penis out, belly and all” on his company-issued Blackberry. Read More

This Happened

Few of Us Noticed That Jack Dorsey Has Been Breaking FAA Rules With His Takeoff Vines


Staid millionaire Jack Dorsey has a bit of a rebellious streak!

Last week, Mr. Dorsey–as he’s previously done a few times–posted a video of his jet taking off from San Francisco. That’s a no-no since the FAA claims the use of electronics is prohibited since they think it causes interferences with the plane’s radio signals. That means the Twitter creator was acting very naughty! Read More

This Happened

Bar Will Only Let You In if You’re Its Facebook Friend

Look at that list! (Photo: ABC News)

Usually, getting on a list to gain access to bars in New York takes a few strings or being a former child actress. But in Stockton, Calif., all it takes is a Facebook account. In order to combat fights, Finnegan’s Irish Pub and Grill is only allowing admittance to people who are its Facebook friends.

Owner Tony Mannor told ABC News that he implemented “Facebook Friday,” which doesn’t sound as fun as “Tue for One Tuesdays,” to keep the bar safe from drunkenly raged-filled customers who pick fights. The guest list reportedly cut down on violence so much that it’s now implemented on Saturdays. Read More

This Happened

Warning: Falling Asleep on Your Keyboard Might Result in a $300 M. Bank Transfer

German nap pod. (Photo: Flickr)

If Five Hour Energy is looking to expand into the German market, we’ve found its new spokesman. An exhausted bank employee zonked out on his keyboard and accidentally transferred nearly $300 million more into an account than he was supposed to.

Adding to the slapstick, a colleague didn’t catch the mistake, either, and verified the order. France 24 recounts this apparently plausible error: Read More

This Happened

Tech Writer Blames Technology For His Son Not Knowing How To Mail a Damn Letter

An envelope.

Filling the news void that is Memorial Day, a ReadWrite contributor doxxed his son by revealing that the little jerk doesn’t know how to correctly fill out an envelope. Lamenting that he has a “smartphone, a tablet and a laptop,” in addition to knowing some “basic coding,” Brian Hall writes that his boy, who is hours away from graduating high school, is missing a basic life skill most of us pick up before entering double digits. Read More