This Happened

This Happened

School Secretary Harassed After Incorrectly Lists Her Phone Number as Escort’s

The ad. (Photo: Tampa Bay Times/Screenshot)

Nancy Caldwell couldn’t figure out why her phone wouldn’t stop ringing. The 60-year-old elementary school secretary would receive provocative messages asking about the legitimacy of her pictures and racy courtships from traveling businessman.

Confused, she confronted a caller and asked how they obtained her number; as it turns out, it was listed on Backpage, an online classified board most commonly used for adult services. The site has recently come under fire for its ties to child prostitution and human trafficking.  Read More

This Happened

People in Connecticut Thought It Was a Good Idea to Call 911 Because Their Cable Was Broken

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.21.26 AM

When the cable goes out, normal people complain about it on Twitter. In Connecticut, people call 911.

That’s what happened last night in southern Connecticut when affected Optimum Cable subscribers decided that missing an episode of Breaking Bad or Eat Drink Love was akin to suffering a major heart attack. Service was down for about two hours during primetime because of a power outage in Norwalk. Read More

This Happened

Someone Mailed Jay Z 99 Boxes of Captain Crunch After He Tweeted That It’s His Favorite Cereal

(Photo: Twitter)

#factsonly: We here at Betabeat will never forget the glorious day that Jay Z decided to take to Twitter for a few hours and offer us a much-needed break from the summer doldrums.

During his brief stint on the platform he coined several memorable hashtags, such as #mylaugh, a replacement for “lol.” He also spent time answering questions from Twitter users, one of whom asked what his favorite cereal is. “cap’n crunch growing up,” he responded. “I haven’t had cereal in a bit.”

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