This Happened

This Happened

Yahoo’s $12.50 Bug Bounty Will Not Inspire You to Report Many Vulnerabilities

Some of the choices. (Photo : Graham Cluley)

Reporting site bugs to Facebook can earn you at least $500. Report one to Google, and you’re guaranteed at least $100. Just don’t go crying to Yahoo because you’ll be lucky to get a half-used gift card to the Hard Rock Cafe. Actually, that’s on the generous side. Someone reported an error that exposed a site vulnerability and received $12.50…that’s only redemable at the company store. Read More

This Happened

New Service Lets You Rent Our World’s Most Precious Resource, Middle-Aged Men

Rent me! (Photo: Ossan)

Do you have a startling lack of middle-aged men in your life? Did your dad stop passive aggressively communicating his disappointment to you via email? Did creepy guys on the subway with wedding rings stuffed onto their sausage fingers stop sniffing your hair? Did your boss and your boss’s boss and his boss’s boss all magically get replaced by women? Japan has the solution for you. Read More