Things That Scare Us

Things That Scare Us

Oh, Good: Truckers Caught Texting and Driving on Camera

A truck driver using his phone. (Screengrab via ABC News)

You might think that as grown-ups who are getting paid to haul tons of cargo around the country, truckers would know not to text and drive. But apparently, they’re just as bad as the rest of us.

Even though they control some of the heaviest land vehicles in existence, truck drivers are often caught on video texting and driving, as a video from WABC shows. One camera observed a truck driver carrying on “two conversations on two separate phones.” Read More

Things That Scare Us

Experts Warn Internet-Connected Vehicles Are Vulnerable to Hackers

Hacking target. (Photo: TechRadar)

As our cars slowly morph into Compaq desktops on wheels, security experts warn all those Internet connectivity options might lead to severe issues–like hacking.

Security firm Harman warned that it could become a “serious problem” because the car’s electronic control units, which contains the connected infotainment systems that Google and Apple are pushing to be a part of, are also connected to the vehicle’s engine and safety functions. That poses a problem for evil motorheads who could potentially hack into the car.  Read More

Things That Scare Us

Bad News: Some Sketchy Marketer Has Realized They Can Do Pop-Ups on Mobile

UGH. (Photo: Krebs on Security

Remember back in the mid-2000s, when everyone used to get those annoying “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED” pop-up ads for anti-virus software?  (For that matter, remember pop-up ads?) Like anyone with an ounce of Internet savvy was going to download software marketed via sketchy pop-ups.

Well, get ready for a blast from the past, warns cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs, because that same tacky, spammy tactic may now be coming to your mobile device.

Mr. Krebs tells the tale of one security consultant, who was doing a little dining-while-browsing, when suddenly, Read More