Things About Which We Are Unsure

Things About Which We Are Unsure

We’ve Got One Year Before The Internet Kills Us All


Firms specializing in technology security make it their business to scare potential customers, but that doesn’t make an Internet Identity (IID) report predicting cyber doom in 2014, highlighted today by Ray Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence, any less spooky.

According to IID, looming cybersecurity threats in 2013–more mobile malware, increasingly aggressive hacktivism, attacks on the cloud–are “well-anticipated and mundane.”

Those “mundane” threats are nothing next to the bleak wasteland of death and destruction IID expects in 2014: Read More

Things About Which We Are Unsure

The Internet Hall of Fame Exists, and Al Gore is an Inductee


If you spent any time in red state territory circa 1999, you’ll remember a favorite laugh line: Not only does Al Gore think he inspired Love Story (nothing to take credit for, by the way), he wants to take credit for the existence of the Internet itself! Cue knee-slaps.

Well, this morning comes a little sweet, sweet vindication, because Al Gore is now a member of the Internet Hall of Fame, which apparently is something that exists. He’s listed as a “global connector,” or someone who supported the network’s growth. Take that, Rush Limbaugh!  Read More