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There's a Map for That

iOS6 Maps are So Bad They Inspired Their Own Mocking Tumblr

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A few days ago Waze CEO Noam Bardin kvetched that Apple’s native mapping app would stink up iOS 6. If The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr is any indication, he was right.

The screengrabs posted on the site come from iPhones and iPads. While many are self-explanatory, some come with pithy commentary, like this image, captioned, “Freiburg, Germany. Seem to be authentic World War II sattelite  (sic) images”: Read More

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Apple Affiliate Waze Claims iOS 6 Maps Suck [UPDATE]

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

Inside Google HQ’s vast and endlessly churning maw there’s probably some schadenfreude tonight, as it looks like Apple’s iOS6 replacement for the Google Maps app might be a turd in the new iPhone’s punch bowl. That’s the story from Waze CEO Noam Bardin, anyway.

BGR reports that Waze supplies traffic info for Apple’s new maps. Perhaps because Apple is actually relying more on TomTom for mapping services than Waze, Mr. Bardin has some strong opinions about Apple’s choices: Read More

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Amazon Releases Its Own Maps API: ‘Hey Guys, We Can Totally Do This Map Thing Too’

(Photo: Amazon)

When you think of Amazon, what comes to mind? Ebooks, next-day delivery and the Kindle probably float to the top, but what about maps? Not so much. But it turns out the online retailer wants to also nudge its way into the map game.

Today Amazon announced the release of the Amazon Maps API in beta, which allows select developers to integrate Amazon’s mapping technology into their own apps on the Kindle Fire. Read More

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Move Over, PadMapper: Craigslist is Stealthily Testing Maps

(Photo: Craigslist)

When last we heard from Craigslist, they were filing suit against a scrappy little startup called PadMapper and yanking their listings from Google to keep PadMapper from aggregating them. It was kind of a dick move. But at least now we have a motive!

Craigslist is apparently working on a map tool of its own. Oh, and while it’s doing its best to discourage web openness, it’s also using an open crowd-sourced platform to build out Craigslist maps. Hey, maybe they’re hoping PadMapper will join in the effort to collect location info? Read More

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PadMapper Founder Decides to Re-Implement Craigslist Listings, Despite it Being a Little ‘Dickish’

Mr. DeMenthon (Photo: Google+)

A couple weeks ago, apartment finding map service PadMapper received a cease and desist letter from Craigslist demanding that they remove Craiglist listings from their maps. The move made PadMapper a far less useful tool for apartment hunting, and seemed like a low blow from Craigslist, a site that techies normally hold in high esteem.

But today, PadMapper’s founder Eric DeMenthon announced on the PadMapper blog that he’s found a way to include Craiglist’s listings on the site that’s “legally kosher,” and plans to re-implement them ASAP. Mr. DeMenthon admits that the move is “somewhat dickish,” but decided that he’d rather inconvenience Craigslist than PadMapper’s millions of monthly users. Read More

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NYC & Company and CityMaps Team Up to Launch Free Mobile Map App

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CityMaps, the social map tool that raised $2.5 million in funding last month, has partnered with New York’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization to launch a new app map called NYC Map. The app, which is available free in the iTunes store, uses CityMaps’ reliance on recognizable logos instead of pins or outlines of buildings to navigate users. So, for example, if you’re looking for a Starbucks, you’d just search the map for the Starbucks logo instead of searching for a coffee shop. Read More

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Interactive Map Shows in Which Parts of NYC AT&T Will Still Drop Your Calls

Picture 5

AT&T is kind of notorious for having terrible reception, but they’re making a worthy attempt at redeeming themselves with a microsite published today. The interactive map illustrates where in the New York area the company has instituted upgrades on cell phone towers, broadband speeds and network connections. In Manhattan, the map says that AT&T has made 916 upgrades since January 2011; the company also spent $1.2 billion in wireless and wireline network upgrades in the NYC metro area throughout 2011. Read More