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The Youngs

Apparently Now People ‘Crowdfund’ Their Moves to NYC

Scenery ain't cheap, kids. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Look, New York is a tough town. The rent is too damn high, you’ve got to sell a liver to buy groceries and let’s not even discuss the cost of booze. It helps to move here with a little nest egg. And so the latest crop of newcomers has turned to a particularly zeitgeist-y solution: Crowdfunding. 

According to AM New York, “young creative types” are turning to sites like GoFundMe, palms out to receive crisp bills in the denomination of your choice:  Read More

The Youngs

Call Me Einstein Because Twitter Is Actually Making People Smarter, Science Says

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Some scientific evidence has finally proven what we at Betabeat have known for eons: typing away at your iPhone or laptop all day makes you smart. Like, really smart.

Haters and those fearful of change like to clutch their pearls over the idea that the omnipresence of technology and social media makes people dumber. Check the noun-verb agreement in that last sentence and you’ll realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, the spotty youths of today can “write and think far better than in the past,” The Globe and Mail asserts. Read More

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Toddler Accidentally Buys Car on eBay

Let's hope her tastes aren't too expensive! (Flickr, atomicjeep)

Here’s yet another piece of evidence to suggest that digital natives who’re barely out of diapers will soon be bossing us all around: KPTV reports that recently, thanks to the miracles of intuitive app design, a toddler barely a year old managed to use her father’s smartphone to order a car on Ebay.

That’ll teach her parents to try to make her take that nap. Read More

The Youngs

Guess What, Underachievers: In Palo Alto, Even Teens Have Startups

Yes, we know that's SoCal.

Decades of movies and television shows set in California high schools have given us certain expectations about what it’s like to be a teenager on the West Coast. Without getting too side-tracked in the thickets of stereotype, we’re envisioning beaches and bonfires and, at the very least, the occasional joint. (Also a little light vampire-slaying.)

Not Palo Alto, though. In Silicon Valley, high schoolers found startups. Feel bad about your wasted youth yet?

The New York Times stopped by Palo Alto High for a meeting of the Paly Entrepreneurs Club, where a bunch of kids who can barely drive and damn sure can’t drink are scheming on bright entrepreneurial futures: Read More