the startup rundown

the startup rundown

Startup News: Next Jump Brings Technology Into More NYC Classrooms, Behance Gets an Upgrade

The new Behance

HOP SCOTCH. New York City based Next Jump, a company that strives to better match consumers with businesses, has raised over $500,000 to bring technology into more than 750 classrooms. The campaign, which started late last year, funds projects submitted through DonorsChoose by shoppers on, Next Jump’s discounts and deals website. The initiative has already impacted the lives of 85,000 NYC students, most of them in needy public schools.

TARGET MARKET. PeerIndex, the social influence marketing platform, has raised nearly $3 million in Series A funding led by Antrak Capital. NYC resident and former Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer also invested in the round. PeerIndex, whose CTO is New York tech evangelist Sanford Dickert,  seeks to identify “influential individuals” on social media and “facilitates sampling interactions between brands and these influencers.” Sounds effective—but kind of creepy. Read More

the startup rundown

Startup News: While You Were Gone, It Got Warm

Columbus circle as seen from CityMaps

WICKA WICKA. is in the big leagues now as the young music based social platform signs deals with Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner, TechCrunch reports. Turntable has over one million users now and a new mobile app since September.

HIPSTARTER. San Francisco based Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform with offices in Soho that competes with Kickstarter, announced the perfection of their “gogofactor,” a proprietary algorithm that ranks projects based on popularity and viability. This makes Indiegogo the only crowdfunding platform with this type of merit-based ranking functionality. Your move, Kickstarter. Read More

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Startup News: LetsLunch Wants to Send You on a Platonic Date

Umami's new "Dishboard"

TV IS SOCIAL. At New York Tech Meetup earlier this month, Umami showed us how their audio fingerprinting technology can help users find anything and everything about the show we’re watching. Now, they’re rolling out exciting new features designed to make TV even more social: a Pinterest-like feature will let Umami users instantly grab images from the show they’re watching, comment and then share them on Facebook and Twitter. “Dishboard,” a dashboard like feature will show the conversation about a given program in real time. Awards shows will never be the same.

DATEWORKING. LetsLunch, a startup aimed at helping people network over lunch claims to have registered thousands of new users in the New York area. Online matching happens based on “expressed shared interests” (sound familiar?) Take a risk, meet the entrepreneur/investor of your dreams or just eat at your desk . . . again. Reminder: letsLunch is not a dating site. But It’s Just Lunch is. Read More

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Startup News: Grokking Facebook Timeline for Fun and Profit

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BLAST FROM THE PAST. Now, thanks to BuzzFeed, you can show all your friends how vintage chic your technology was—before it was cool. Prompted by the fairly recent Facebook timeline, BuzzFeed has introduced a Facebook app that lets users retroactively post images to their timeline. Checkout the “What Was Your First Computer?” question and reminisce about the nineteen eighties like it’s the 2020’s. The launch of this new app is probably just the beginning of a trend we’ll see as Facebook prepares to unveil its new timeline backdating ability.

CLICK CLICK FLASH. Pixable, the photo sharing complement for social networks is rolling out a couple big features. First, is a hashtag feature that allows users to tag their photos or their friends’ photos for an easier experience when recalling and organizing snapshots. #drunkenregrets?

At the same time Pixable is being integrated into the Facebook timeline technology. Users will be able to share their photo viewing and tagging activity in the Facebook ticker just like when listening to tunes on Spotify.

Read More

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Startup News:

Every startup's gotta start somewhere (National Archief |

KNOWLEDGE. Max Stoller, the developer of Don’t Eat At, an app that uses city data to warn Foursquare users when they’ve checked into a restaurant that’s run afoul of city health inspectors, has found another cool way to use that same data set. Mr. Stoller and fellow crafty hacker Tal Safran created, a bi-weekly email of new drinking and dining sports near you. “We found that by analyzing the restaurant inspections data set for new records, we can identify brand new bars/restaurants, often before news publications get to them.” (Techies! Stop scooping us newsies!) Sign up but please, don’t forget about us! Read More

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Startup Threads Wants To Be Your Friend

Making threads. For your startup.

WEAVE. Startup Threads, a merchandising site for startups from local newletter mogul and startup founder Frank Denbow, just launched a new monthly program where consumers can subscribe to receive new startup gear each month. The company will partner with a different startup each month to create interesting merchandise. Right now that lucky startup is Hipmunk, the company behind the new flight finding tool. Startup Threads hopes to become a “marketing channel for startups.”

ALL ABOARD. StartupBus is now accepting applications for the hackathon-on-a-bus competition in March and this year New York will be represented. To get invited you’ve got to shine like the brightest star in the sky… or look on social media to see if people are offering invites. StartupBus said they are expecting way more applications than they can handle. You’ve been warned. Read More

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Startup News: Incubator Applications Open for Summer


MYSTERY INCUBATOR. An accelerator program you probably haven’t heard of is opening in New Jersey. “We run four three-month funding cycles a year, one from January, April, July and October. We may ask the founders of each startup we fund to move to the Northern NJ Metro Area for the duration of their cycle, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best shape possible. We usually $10,000-$100,000 per startup. Occasionally we invest more. The goal is usually to give you enough money to build an impressive prototype or version 1, which you can then use to get further funding. What do we get out of this?  From 2-30% of your stock. Usually 5 or 10%.”

AND. Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) is now accepting applications for its new DUMBO accelerator.

AND AND ALSO. Applications for the DreamIt NYC summer 2012 program are now open. Read More

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Startup News: Startup Crawl and CES

makerbot industries

STARTUP CRAWL. Hosted by out-of-towner Zaarly, Adaptly, Spotify, Unigo and Vayner Media are on the agenda. “It’s like a bar crawl, but with startup offices instead of bars.  Each startup will host our group of developers, designers, entrepreneurs and other startups in their office for 45 minutes or so until we move on to the next stop.” Tomorrow starting at 5:45 p.m.

WINNING. Skillshare is giving away a year’s TED Live membership ($995)! “You get… Virtual seats at both TED and TED Global conferences. Year-round online community access. TED Books yearlong subscription & a new Kindle Fire,” says Skillshare. “This is the warmup for all the stuff coming out over the next couple of months,” said CEO Mike Karnjanaprakorn, a 2012 TED fellow.

VEGAS BABY. New York is headed to CES, and Makerbot, at least, is going to be alllll over it. “MakerBot Industries, creator of the Thing-O-Matic 3D printer and will be there showing off something extra awesome, and we’d love for you to stop by our booth and check it out!” MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis is scheduling interviews now for the full-court press; the 3D printing startup is also hosting a party on Jan. 11. Read More

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Startup News: General Assembly Seeks Teachers, TechStars Startups Are Hiring, and Free Pizza

startup bus

GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Besides that $2,800 Ruby class, General Assembly is ramping up its curriculae big time with classes on everything from how to use Twitter to starting up in China. The campus is also hunting for teachers. “Want to teach at General Assembly? Get in touch by completing the form here.”

HIRING. As activity marketplace SideTour prepares to leave the TechStars offices for greener pastures this Friday, the startup has officially started hiring for a lead engineer and “host development manager.” Business Insider is looking for a biz dev intern. Read More