The Social Network Effect

The Social Network Effect

Hollywood Might Be Mulling a Twitter Movie So Are You Happy Now, Internet?

Jack Dorsey channelling his inner movie villain. (Photo: Getty)

As soon as the first juicy excerpt of Nick Bilton’s Twitter creation story hit the Internet, people tweeted their little hearts out expressing their hope for a Social Network-esque movie based on the book.

Well, here’s a rumor to keep that pot boiling. Regarding turning Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal into a film, “interest is swirling at Sony and several other major Hollywood studios,” TechCrunch reports. Read More

The Social Network Effect

How Much Would You Pay for a Tour of Facebook’s Headquarters? Someone Paid $70 K.

The Facebook cafeteria features microkitchens and cuisine from as far as Belize.

When the New York-based charity auction site Charitybuzz offered a private tour of the 150,000-square-foot Palo Alto Facebook headquarters in the first week of July, just 23 bids brought the price up to $10,000, where it stayed for almost a month before it jumped $60,000 in the final day. And the tour doesn’t even include a meeting with the company’s infamous CEO–so you can rule out the monied wantrepreneurs who want to elevator pitch the Zuck. Read More