The Singularity Is Here

The Singularity Is Here

Your New Robot Coworker Will Have a Nine-Foot Wingspan, But More Common Sense

(Photo: Rethink Robotics)

The robotics industry’s much-anticipated crossover moment–from the R&D lab to everyday life–wasn’t supposed to happen until later this year, but it appears Rethink Robotics couldn’t wait to share the good news. Today, the Boston-based startup introduced the world to Baxter: a friendly-eyed, two-armed robot encased in Iron Man-red plastic and designed to “collaborate with human workers.”

Relax, coffee shop-bound knowledge workers. Baxter was designed solely for manufacturing applications. Your jobs are safe for now, economic realities not withstanding.  Read More

The Singularity Is Here

Can 3D Printing Rock the Vice Market for Guns, Drugs, and Exotic Species?

3D printed gun (Photo: AR15)

Author and entrepreneur Steven Kotler has an interesting piece over at Forbes, wondering about the impact of exponential growth in technology on illicit trading.

Looking at the three largest categories–drugs, exotic species, and arms, in descending order–Mr. Kotler argues that 3D and DNA laser printers could wipe out the “principles of scarcity” that have always defined these markets. Read More

The Singularity Is Here

Don’t Fear the Weavr: Grow Your Own Emoting, Autonomous Twitter Bot

Weavrs Philter phactory

A creepy curious new service made its way to the top of Hacker News today. Weavrs is a product from a British “social media data aggregation startup” called Philter Phactory.

The site¬†lets anyone create “Weavrs,” or “alter egos crafted from the threads of the social web.” Basically, that means users can input interests and characteristics and the service will generate an “autonomous” bot–or ‘tar, if you will–that can tweet, blog, and–they claim–emote by scraping information online based on those inputs.

Sort of like a digital doppleganger, but with a personality-ish. Picture @Horse_ebooks, but with a human antecedent. Read More