The Rich Are Different

The Rich Are Different

‘Private School Snaps’ Make Rich Kids of Instagram Look Like Paupers

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Like this but with actual cash. (Photo via Private School Snaps)

When it comes to the upper crust, the British are known for being much more tasteful than their flashy, nouveau riche American counterparts.

Well, this new Snapchat trend could help topple the Brits from their self-satisfied perch. It turns out rich English kids love conspicuous consumption just as much as American teens do; they just also get to live in castles. No fair. Read More

The Rich Are Different

This $1.5 Million Giant Television From Neiman Marcus Sounds Like Reasonable Gift

Looks like a billboard? (Photo: Neiman Marcus)

Not to alarm you, but we’re only 67 days away from Christmas. So, if you’re struggling to get a gift for the person that has everything–and have a budget that rivals a Saudi prince– then pick up copy of Neiman Marcus’s Christmas Book. Shuffled between reasonably priced $5,000 crinkly looking handbags and $400 cashmere ponchos, there’s this beauty: the “Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System” that’ll cost you a cool $1.5 million. Read More

The Rich Are Different

Tech Professionals Are So Chill, They Don’t Even Need Mansions ‘Right Away’


It’s always a great week to be a rich tech person, but the last 10 days in particular have especially been swell for rich tech people who are also into faux-simplistic real estate.

The tricked-out trailer rolls on with a story on highlighting the Hill House, a modernist abode being featured on an upcoming San Francisco house tour. The Hill House clocks in at a meager 2,200 square feet, you see, which means it’s the perfect structure to prove how “well-heeled techies are looking for status in the simplicity of a home rather than its size,” says. Read More

The Rich Are Different

The ‘World’s First Anti-Trolling Software’ Promises to Make Twitter Boring For All Of Us

How happy is this man right now? (Photo: Hulu)

If the day in, day out onslaught of trolling has become too much for celebrities, there’s finally a solution that isn’t therapy at Passages Malibu. A British tech firm has created an app that’s billed as the “world’s first anti-trolling software” since apparently no one else has bothered to create something this special. Read More

The Rich Are Different

Larry Ellison Saves Malibu From Gross Poor People Food

With a girlfriend like this...  (Photo: Getty)

Oracle chief Larry Ellison has saved Carbon Beach, a section of Malibu, from pink slime burgers and sticky, soda-covered floors by importing a couple of bougie restaurants.

The Hawaiian island overlord is also Carbon Beach’s biggest landowner, so he used his oracular influence to persuade Nobu Matsuhisa to toss the town a sushi resto, The Hollywood Reporter says. Great idea if they’re trying to lure the real Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t been seen since her evil twin took over in 2004. Read More

The Rich Are Different

Totally Modest Larry Ellison Wants to Turn Lanai Into an ‘Eden in the Pacific’

Mr. Ellison. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Let’s check in with Larry Ellison’s plans for his Hawaiian island of Lanai, shall we? The Wall Street Journal talked to the Oracle founder/overlord, who revealed a few of his schemes for his biggest, shiniest toy yet.

His ideas include an “ultraluxury hotel” (for when mere luxury won’t do), bringing commercial agriculture back to the island (think “the very best gourmet mangos,” “organic wineries,” and perfume made straight from flowers, “like they do in Grasse, France”), and a “sustainability laboratory.”

His first move, though, was to renovate the community pool, because the absolute last thing he needs is a bunch of pissed-off locals. Read More