The Real Startup Dogs of Silicon Alley

The Real Startup Dogs of Silicon Alley

Just What We Always Needed: A Social Networking Startup… For Dogs


New York already has an Airbnb for dogs in Dog Vacay, and a dog subscription startup in Barkbox, so it was only natural that our canine cohorts would eventually nab their own social network. Enter Match Puppy, a New York-based startup that lets you find potential playmates for your puppy pal.

Their slogan is “It’s a Dog Meet Dog World,” which–ugh. But ohmygod the pictures of puppies! Like Lyon, a¬†chihuahua who is “super excited and jumpy of most people,” or Benji, who is undeniably squee-inducing. Read More

The Real Startup Dogs of Silicon Alley

Dog Vacay, the Airbnb for Dogs, Launches In New York City

FINAL Aaron and Karine headshot

Accumulate enough animal-loving friends and you’re likely to find yourself on the receiving end of emails like: Anyone want to stay in a sunny 2-bedroom apartment next weekend FOR FREE . . . and watch Buster while we’re out of town? We promise he doesn’t bite! Or, even the occasional: Okay, so maybe he does bite, but we’ll leave a six pack in the fridge.

The idea behind Dog Vacay, a new service opening shop in New York today, is to offer pet-owners a third option besides pricey kennels and begging/bribing friends. Read More

The Real Startup Dogs of Silicon Alley

Warby Parker and the Adorable April Fools’ Day Joke: Warby Barker, Monocles for Dogs

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Warby Parker cofounder Neil Blumenthal and his dog Einstein

Betabeat is inclined to lump hardy-har April Fool’s Day humor in with Dad jokes. It’s sweet you tried, but we’ll keep our sullen face on all the same. Tech companies in particular seem to attack the holiday with all the corporate-sanctioned zeal of a marketer at SXSW. As esteemed president Adrianne Jeffries put it, “I feel like it was a gift that it was on Sunday so we can just ignore it.”

But Warby Parker’s seasonal prank turned our head for one reason: puppies in glasses–a genre in which we have some personal experience. Why try to be funny when you can just give the Internet what they really want? Anthropomorphized fur-balls. Thus with help from photographer Noel Camardo and videographer is Kenie Huber, the New York-based online eyeglass purveyor redirected visitors to Warby Barker where the company offered up doggy monocles and “chew-resistant” eyewear in colors like dusty bacon and gravy burst–complimentary gluten-free dog treat with purchase. Read More