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Are You Kidding Me? The Ratio Rocks.

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So I’ve been hanging out in the New York tech scene for a couple months, and I realized something: There’s way more guys than girls! Has anyone else noticed this?

I first noticed that all the CEOs were guys. Then I noticed that all the people at hackathons were guys. Then I realized that all the VCs are guys! Then, I got on a bus and it was all guys. Some staff members of some start-ups are girls, though, and some tech bloggers are also girls.

I know some people out there feel that this gender imbalance is bad for some reason, but I just wanted to take this moment to talk about how lucky it makes me feel to be one of a few girls in the tech scene. Read More

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Hooray! AOL Finally Finding Its Way

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I am so excited for AOL! This is a company has not always had an easy time. First, its big merger with Time Warner fell apart because of circumstances completely beyond its control–I mean, accounting standards for internet businesses were still being established–and now all its dial-up customers are literally dying. The loss of so many grandmas all at once must be devastating. I totally support Tim Artmstrong and his efforts to turn this company around! Read More

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Why Is Everyone Talking About a Tech Bubble? This Was Supposed to Be a Party


Everyone  in tech keeps griping about this “massive bubble,” but I’ve been thinking: Bubbles are like, little effervescent miracles of water, sudsiness and the breath of life. That sounds awesome! A bubble is a metaphor for a thing that is good, weightless, shiny and carefree, not something for bloggers to moan and groan about. Well, not this blogger!  Read More