The Perks of Being a Developer

The Perks of Being a Developer

West Coast Tech Companies Still Offering Batshit Perks

Ugh shut UP.

How’s your Monday going? Pretty meh? Thought so. It’s about to feel even more mundane, because SFGate wrote about some Bay Area tech companies’ office perks this weekend, and somehow they seemed even more over-the-top than usual–we’re talking beyond unlimited vacation.

Here is a highlight reel of the most insufferable and envy-inducing–but also head-scratching–perks offered to employees in California’s tech world: Read More

The Perks of Being a Developer

Newest Reason to Become a Developer: So You Can Stay Home and Chill With Your Dog


If the higher than average salary, luxurious perks and godlike status aren’t enough to convince you to eschew your liberal arts major and pursue a career in computer science, perhaps this will.

Web developer Damien Sowers writes that he decided to pursue his current career path when he noticed how much his dog hated when he left the house. Learning to code, he reasoned, would allow him to work from home and spend as much time as possible with his dog Deimos, “a master of Tug o’ War and decimator of sticks.” Read More

The Perks of Being a Developer

Good News, Desk Diners! Logitech Debuts Washable Keyboard

Talk about a reset button.

Startups and established tech companies alike love nothing so much as feeding their employees. How else does one keep developers tied to their desks for those all-night coding sprints? However, just a few days of eating at one’s desk and the filth starts to build up–pizza grease, Cheeto dust, and let’s not even discuss the trauma of soaking one’s setup in cold coffee.

Luckily, Logitech has heard the prayers of techies everywhere and just debuted a keyboard that is washable. We’re not talking a mere sponge bath, either–the demo video shows a keyboard fully immersed in a tank of water. Finally, freedom from the consequences of our lunch-related decisions.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before we see this added to the standard array of Silicon Alley/Valley perks. At the very least, it’ll do more for the quality of one’s worklife than a Segway.

(h/t @Farhad Manjoo)

The Perks of Being a Developer

Former Twitter Developer Joins Etsy, Will Work From Gorgeous Island Instead of New York City

A painting of Galiano Island, where Mr. Bryant will be working, for sale on Etsy. (

Avi Bryant, a well-known developer who most recently worked at Twitter, just announced he’s joining Etsy to head up a mysterious new project that will help Etsy’s shops become “more economically viable despite being tiny.”

But while Mr. Bryant will be moving out of San Francisco, he won’t be settling down in Fort Greene or Astoria. Instead, he’s moving to the gorgeous Galiano Island in British Columbia. The freedom to work remotely was a major factor in his decision to join Etsy, he said.

“My wife and I have the incredible luck to have the right to live and work in any of the US, Canada, and the EU; it would be a shame not to take advantage of that,” Mr. Bryant wrote on his personal blog. “That Etsy is letting me do this, not just as an individual contributor, but as a manager, and not just for myself, but for my entire team, is exceptional and, in my opinion, far-sighted.” Read More