The Medium is The Message

The Medium is The Message

Third Listserve Lottery Winner Uses Opportunity To Expound Upon Diva Cups

Ms. Stortz (Google+)

Well, the Listserve has launched, and while the first message from the NYU ITP listserv project came from a Swedish man sharing thoughtful advice on life, apparently not all of the messages can be so earnest. But that’s the pleasure of the Listserve! Ya never know what the hell is going to land in your inbox. Today, for example, the email lottery winner spent 450 words discussing the feminine product Diva Cup, which we will let you look up for yourself. Read More

The Medium is The Message

Introducing The Listserve, a Giant List Only One Person Can Email Per Day


It’s the sad truth of the Internet: you can tweet and blog your sweet little heart out, but there’s no guarantee that anyone is actually listening. But what if there was a platform that gave you the chance to deliver whatever thoughts, feelings or advice you had, right to the intimate confines of someone’s inbox? And they actually voluntarily signed up for the chance to hear you?

It’s not a newsletter or a shared-interest listserv: it’s a new project out of NYU’s ITP masters program called The Listserve that gives the chance for one person each day to share their thoughts with thousands through a random lottery email system. Users sign up to receive one email daily from a randomly selected user. The email can be about anything–from what they had for breakfast that morning, to a picture of a kitten, to a politically-motivated diatribe–and it’s sent, either publicly or anonymously, out to the other Listserve subscribers. Read More

The Medium is The Message

Lean Back, Way Back.’s Jake Levine Talks Tablets and Consumption

Lean with it, rock with it

In a certain way, the web is a terrible medium for trying to read articles. Your browser is full of distractions like Twitter and email that need constant attention. Which might be why users of, the betaworks service created in conjunction with the New York Times, read an average of six times more articles on their tablets than they do when browsing via the web.

“The experience on the tablet is more immersive, more contextual,” said Jake Levine, general manager at “When the iPad first came out everyone was complaining about how you couldn’t multitask, but I think more and more publishers and app creators are coming to see this as an advantage.”  Read More