The Internet Makes You Stupid

The Internet Makes You Stupid

Psychiatrists Still Unconvinced That Anyone Can Be Addicted to the Internet

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If you spent the entire weekend slumped on your couch deep in the wilds of Reddit or mindlessly clicking the Stumbleupon button, here is some good news for your Monday morning: According to a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, Internet addiction is supported largely by anecdotal evidence, so “It’s not a clear enough syndrome that you can say at this point it’s clearly a disease.” Huh. Read More

The Internet Makes You Stupid

Satisfy Your Repressed Desire to Destroy the New York Times With This ‘Stupid Game’

The Tim

Oh, those New York Times Magazine folks–they’re so edgy these days. In a think piece about the rise of “Angry Birds, Farmville and other hyperaddictive ‘stupid games,'” the Times proves how truly addictive the Zynga canon is by embedding their own version of a “stupid” game as an illustrative complement to the story. The game allows you to destroy pieces of the website with your arrow keys and space bar–for example, we took the liberty of destroying the Style section, and automatically the Times became 10x less pretentious and assholey. If only every article offered this kind of catharsis. Read More

The Internet Makes You Stupid

The Gangs of Reddit

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When it comes to focusing the internet’s attention on a single page, used to be king. But it’s been about a year since Digg was upset by its smaller, more indie competitor: the highly-active forums of Conde Nast-owned Reddit, a generally happy place of kitten GIFs and funny memes and self-confessions and so on. But in the more divisive sub-forums, writes The Daily Dot, evil lurks. “Like any community, Reddit has its dark sides. It has neighborhoods rife with porn, racism, misogyny, and violence. And it’s also got gangs,” The Daily Dot wrote ominously yesterday.

Gangs?! On Reddit?! Read More