The Internet Makes You Mean

The Internet Makes You Mean

Cyberbullying: Just Like Bullying, Only Cyber

Manhattan District Cyrus Vance and his case-cracking cybercrime bureau are on the road today, delivering presentations on anti-cyberbullying awareness at 12 schools as part of the Department of Education’s Respect for All Week, which “promotes respect for diversity and fosters inclusive learning environments for all students.” That means all Bronies, 4channers, cam girls and Tumblr trolls, remember: tweets hurt.

The Internet Makes You Mean

New York Teen’s Science Experiment Made The Internet So Very Angry

Curiosity made the internet kill a cat

Aidan Dwyer, a 13-year-old resident of Northport, Long Island, was staring at trees on a hike one day, when came up with an idea for a solar panel that mimicked the natural shape of trees to more efficiently capture solar energy. It was a lot like that scene from Little Man Tate. He became an internet sensation, until, of course, somebody bothered to check his math.

The young Mr. Dwyer had recorded voltage, when he needed to calculate power. The haters came out of the woodwork.The Wall Street Journal reports that the American Museum of Natural History, which had first publicized his work, was concerned for their reputation. His parents were concerned for his safety. Read More

The Internet Makes You Mean

4Chan’s Cleaner Cousin, Canvas, Debuts With Code of Conduct, Still NSFW

image via canvas

4Chan, the image board created by New York’s Chris “Moot” Poole when he was just 15, has gone on to generate some of the funniest memes and most destructive communities on the internet. Last year he launched a new startup, Canvas, which tried to recreate the viral language of creating and sharing images without the filth of 4chan. The startup, which has raised more than $3.6 million so far from top flight VCs and angels, opened up to the public today.

Canvas insisted during its private beta that users log in with Facebook Connect and posted a simple set of rules: “Keep it safe for work | Don’t be mean | Stay on topic.” It banned sexually provocative content, hate speech and insults. The rules seems to be working … sort of. Read More

The Internet Makes You Mean

A Former Script Kiddie Puts LulzSec in Perspective

Betabeat team back in the 90s

This a guest post from Brandon Diamond, who blogs at Your Startup Sucks

For one reason or another, everyone on the Internet is talking about LulzSec — the latest and, well… latest cracking sensation. Think Zero Cool meets 4chan for a very twisted, very inappropriate playdate.

Since the whole lulzy affair started, coverage has gradually increased both in frequency and righteousness. And now that LulzSec has since “abandoned ship” (crawling begrudgingly upstairs to bed without Xbox privileges for a week or longer), bloggers everywhere are suddenly locating their respective gonads.

But it’s too little, too late: the attention paid to LulzSec — a group of variously skilled crackers with a proclivity toward anarchy — is disgusting. And dangerous. Read More

The Internet Makes You Mean

Forever Alone 4chan Prank Brings Out the Best and Worst of the Internet

forever alone blue shirt

A 4chan-engendered prank aimed at male users of online dating sites such as OKCupid and brought out the best and the worst of the internet tonight, when the e-forces of good and evil clashed by a set of payphones at 46th and Broadway in Times Square.

The elaborate gag, planned more than a month ago and circulated on 4chan and other forums, was for mischevious netizens to create fake dating profiles for women and set up dates with single “forever alone” men online. The dates were all supposed to meet on Friday night at the payphones on Broadway, which happen to be under a live streaming webcam,  so the OKCupid/PlentyOfFish single guys could then be stood up en masse and snarked at by the much cooler 4chan/Reddit single guys sitting alone on their computers at home. Read More

The Internet Makes You Mean

“Forever Alone” Involuntary Flash Mob Is Tonight

forever alone

Welcome to the most depressing internet prank ever: Someone, probably from 4chan, put out a call to get “forever alone” male members of online dating sites to gather in Times Square in an involuntary flash mob. “Create fake online dating profile as mildly cute woman from NYC–just use some chick’s facebook to get several believable pics,” the instructions say. “Find forever alone guys from NYC online dating sites, get them to believe you’re interested. Once forever alone guy takes the bait, suggest you meet for a date at the payphones at 46th and broadway at 7:30 on Friday, May 13.” Read More