The Incubators

The Incubators

When Incubators Incubate: K2 Media Labs Raises $7.5 M.

Mr. Klaus, Cofounder and CEO of K2 Labs (

The New York tech scene has been flush with news of emerging incubators recently, so it’s no surprise that one lucky winner has scored a few mil to help get their projects off the ground.

K2 Labs, “a new model for early stage investing,” differentiates itself from the herd by focusing on and healthily funding just a handful of fledgling companies at once. Instead of throwing a ton of new ideas against the wall and seeing which ones stick, K2 funnels its resources into the few startups it believes in, nurturing them until they blossom into mature companies with Ivy League IPOs.

They’re the helicopter parents of incubators, if you will. Read More

The Incubators

New Startup Incubator Soho TechLabs Is Hiring [UPDATED]

soho tech labs

Soho TechLabs, the fledgling startup incubator formed by several Huffington Post refugees, announced via an inaugural tweet today that they’re recruiting early founders and employees. The company, backed by Lerer Ventures, was originally announced in Ad Age in January; it will be lead by a team of ex-Huffpoers, including founders Paul Berry, Jonah Peretti and Ken Lerer, as well as former Huffington Post president Greg Coleman. As we previously reported, the new incubator will be housed at 560 Broadway, the current home of Lerer Ventures. Read More