You’re Not Crazy: Gmail Is Down [UPDATE]

Google CEO Larry Page

Did you find yourself in a state of fury this morning because nobody seemed to be responding to your emails? Worse still, did it make you feel unloved and unpopular both personally and professionally?

Well, we can’t actually speak for how your friends and coworkers feel about you, but you can take some solace in the fact that Gmail is experiencing service disruptions. Read More


Happy 153rd Birthday, Jane Addams: Google Is Maybe Running Out of Doodle Ideas


Google’s daily doodles often commemorate such worthy occasions as Malaysian Independence Day and Dr. Seuss’s birth. Some days, though, they leave us wondering if there is a secret committee of dads picking Doodle subjects. Today is one of those days.

On this lovely Friday, the Goog opted not to observe the official first day of being able to wear a pair of god-damn pants without breaking a sweat for Pete’s sake. Instead, they commemorated one of the most obscure occasions ever: Nobel prize winner Jane Addams’s 153rd birthday. Read More


Google Dances on Reader’s Grave With the Launch of ‘Keep’

(Photo: Google)

This morning, I logged on to my computer and looked for my Reader tab in my Google drop-down, and it was gone. All those years of devotion and suddenly the GOOG burying our history together. (Now you actually have to go to So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t rush to embrace Google’s latest, greatest app: “Keep,” a new note-taking service.

Announced today in a blog post, Keep offers a replacement for your current, disorganized system of crumpled Post Its and emails to yourself: Read More


Report: Google Plans to Expand Its Chelsea Market Space

Sick clock, bro. (

Looks like The GOOG will soon be expanding its New York City footprint. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the company plans to lease an additional 94,000-plus square feet at the Chelsea Market.

The great irony is that, thanks to that swank employee cafeteria, Googlers are the techies least likely to be longing for proximity to the delicious smorgasbord that is the Chelsea Market. Why bother paying for a lobster roll when there’s suckling pig in the employee cafeteria? Read More


Google Apparently Totally Psyched About Travel Guides, Buys Frommer’s

It's a new day, baby. (Photo:

Could it be that Google hath the heart of a heretic and therefore doubts the power of that staple of Internet culture, the user-generated review? The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is buying travel guide maker Frommer’s from John Wiley and Sons, with an eye toward further beefing up its local reviews.

This comes on the heels of the company’s acquisition of restaurant review juggernaut Zagat.

No word on price yet, and it’s not clear whether those doorstoppers will continue to exist in print form. The whole brand might simply be folded into Zagat, which we’re sure employees of the storied Frommer’s brand will be simply thrilled about. Bernardo Hernandez, Zagat’s managing director of product management, told the Journal: Read More


Eric Schmidt Thinks Mainstream Adoption of Self-Driving Cars Will Depend on ‘How Drunk They Are’

So wry, that Eric Schmidt. (Photo: Twitter)

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt shed some light on Google’s self-driving car experiment at the Sun Valley conference yesterday, reports TechCrunch. Mr. Schmidt thinks that it’s possible that self-driving cars will be the dominant form of transportation within our lifetimes. I know a lot of commuters with high blood pressure who will be happy to hear that. Read More


As You Crack Open That July 4th Beer, Pour One Out for iGoogle and Google Video

The end. (Photo:

Google’s decluttering continues unabated. The latest products carted off to the garbage dump: iGoogle, Google Video, and Google Mini, plus Google Talk Chatback and the company’s Symbian Search App.

As the announcement explains, “we need to focus—or we end up doing too much and not having the impact we strive for.” To that end, one of the company’s most redundant offerings is finally reaching its logical conclusion: Whatever’s left on Google Video (which hasn’t even accepted uploads since 2009) will be relocated to YouTube later this summer.

Similarly, Chatback is being shut down in favor of the Meebo bar. Read More


Google Debuts Nexus Q, A Media Streaming Device, But Will It Convince Anyone to Use Google Play?

(Photo: Google)

At its I/O developer conference today, Google introduced a new hardware device that streams music and video to a variety of Wifi-connected devices. A black orb with a glowing blue stripe, the Nexus Q is not just pretty, it’s Apple-quality pretty. In fact, as AllThingsD reports, its two main developers boast Apple design pedigrees.

But design isn’t everything. Functionality and already-established technology habits could derail the Nexus Q’s goal of catching up to the success of Apple’s iTunes store. Read More