the gig economy

the gig economy

Lots of People Applied to be TaskRabbits During the Government Shutdown

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

If you hired a TaskRabbit in D.C. in the last two weeks and got someone wearing a skirt suit and a long-suffering facial expression, we might’ve found the answer.

Fast Company points to a rather boastful TaskRabbit tweet from yesterday evening, in which the odd-jobs platform disclosed an unusually large number of signups during the first days of the shutdown. Don’t tell the dysfunction fetishists, or we’ll never hear the end of it. Read More

the gig economy

Peak Geek: GE Is Hiring TaskRabbits to Deliver Things In Star Trek Costumes


Sometimes we can’t help but ask ourselves whether the “gig economy” is a giant social science experiment in how much aspiring actors can take from their part-time jobs before they crack. High-maintenance coffee orders? Being a “kickass laundry ninja“? What about wearing a Star Trek costume while running errands for TaskRabbit?

That last one is real, by the way, and it’s for a GE promotion that starts tomorrow. Those who post a shopping and delivery errand on TaskRabbit for less than $35 between October 9 and 13 in either NYC or San Francisco may very well get it for free. In which case it would be accomplished by someone wearing a Star Trek costume. Read More